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Sad, sad week


Think Farrah Fawcett had any influence on my style?  I wouldn't have admitted it at the time, but it's pretty undeniable.  Heh.  Admit it.  You, too, if you're anywhere near my age.

The news about Michael Jackson... man, it's been hours and I'm still stunned.  I didn't get a thing done all night -- I tried, but I spent the whole night listening to and/or watching MJ music videos, old and new.  We Are The World.  It was Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond, for me, when I was growing up.  We're all about the same age, and I had a serious crush on them both.  I used to write fan letters, BEG my mother to let me buy 16 Magazine (and the like), spent much of my allowance on 45s that I'd spin in this weird damp room in our basement on Schaefer Street... it wasn't my bedroom (ick), but I kind of made it my hang-out room (kind of ick, too, but at the time I shared a bedroom with my mom... I NEEDED a Room Of My Own, and that was it!).  One Bad Apple, ABC, and a LOT of David Gates and Bread was played in that room.

We have lost three incredibly huge icons this week.  Do they get any bigger than this?  Ed McMahon.  Farrah Fawcett.  Michael Jackson.  Rest in peace, all.



I didn't hear about MJ until I turned on the news just before bed. You're so right about loosing three major icons. They were each amazing people.


What a sad day it was yesterday.......shocking about MJ. :(


That Farrah hair had everyone's hot rollers and curling irons glowing.
Love your banner.


Wow- what a looker! Rawr!

It was bittersweet hearing about Ed McMaHon- made me think of Phil Hartman doing him on SNL. Doubly sad.


I'm blown away by MJ and my two teenagers just.don't.get.it. Sad that someone as influential as MJ is known to a whole generation only as a joke. Kinda like the pill-popping, overweight Elvis was to our generation. If only they knew the influence he had on today's pop music concerts; there were no over-the-top singing, dancing, extravaganzas before him. The end of a piece of my childhood. *sniff*


I LONGED for Farrah hair, but mine just wouldn't grow past my chin, it seemed. You were one hot babe, girlfriend. HOT.

And yes, what a week. I am so sorry that Michael's life ended up in the toilet at the end. I do not at all believe he molested any boys. I believe he was a bit of a freakshow, but not a molester. And sooooo uniquely talented. A great loss.


i was so sad about MJ too. But all those deaths were in themselves tragic.

On a much lighter note, HOTNESS!!! :-)


These deaths have strangely made me aware of a major reason that I like to hang out "in" knitting blogs so much. It's because a lot of the knitting bloggers are around my age, mid forties. We often "get" each other because of that simple fact.

My parents were really conservative, so I have these great memories of watching the Jackson Five at my friends' houses, and I definitely wanted to look like Farrah...or at least marry "Steve Austin."

theresa/t does wool

look at you!!! wow!! and sad...yes...


Oh, Vicki!!! What a fantastic photo!!!!!


That is an incredible photo of you! I didn't even have to try very hard to have Farrah hair... the only time my kind of hair was in, LOL. It is very sad about MJ - poised on the chance for a redemptive comeback. A friend compared his life to Marilyn Monroe's....

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