Hi. I've been busy!
Channelling Imelda?


You may recall my first-ever stop at Sisson's Peony Gardens in Rosendale, WI, two weeks ago.  Here's a refresher:

The charming old sign


There were a few early varieties blooming, but a million more buds-in-waiting.  The big picture looked like this:

Two weeks ago

Looking to the west (from the "front" or main entrance to the garden)...

Two weeks ago

Looking to the east (from the rear of the main section).

I was in Madison over the weekend for Mack's birthday party and stopped again yesterday on my way home.  I'm thinkin' this is peonies at their peak:

A row of peonies

White peonies

Pink peonies

Yeah.  This is where the pictures say a thousand words, "amazing" among them.  The scent was divine.

* * * * *

It was a fun weekend -- there was a kid party on Saturday and a family brunch yesterday, lots of terrific food... and cake(s)!  One of the best parts was my Mack-and-Addison alarm clock yesterday morning.  Mack didn't  hang around long, but Addison crawled into bed next to me and said, "I'm by you," which is outshined in melt-your-heart sweetness only when snuggles right in and says, "Hold me."

* * * * *

One more thing...


Happy Birthday, Sharon & Karen!!  Love, Your Big Sis.


Miz Booshay

What a glorious garden. I would love to go there :o)
With my camera.

The picture of you and your sisters is WONDERFUL!!


Pretty peonies! Happy birthday sisters!!!


You look so cute in matching dresses! My mother made Easter dresses for four of us and I need to find that picture.
The white peony is gorgeous. You must have a camera full of beautiful blooms to share.


My heart stopped a little bit with those photos. I LOVE peonies and the thought of seeing that place in person makes me swoon. At least I'll have your great photos to pretend I'm there.


That photo of you and your sisters is the sweetest thing EVAH!


Love the peonies! Ours are mostly spent, but bloom in time for our anniversary, so they are my anniversary bouquet every year. Our peonies came from my husband's family's graves, so they're extra special to us.

And love the polka-dot sisters! My mom has twin cousins that are Sharon and Karen, as well as their twin sisters Shirley and Cheryl (two sets, eighteen months apart!)- must have been popular names in the 1950s. My twins, Lucy and Sadie, just turned 6 on the 4th. Time flies.


OMG! I'm about to die from the peony and polkadot dress goodness! Not to mention the cool banner.


Awww - what a wonderful post. You've got me in tears. I just want to pinch the cheeks of those three little polka-dotted girls.

: )


Great photos, Vicki!! I need to time my trips through Rosendale more carefully.

Happy birthdays!!


OMG, I can SMELL those peonies from here. They are my all-time-favorite flower, particularly those white ones with the red picotee -- soooo fragrant. I have a lot of those in my garden. They just don't last long enough.


Love, love, love the peonies - especially the Festiva Maxima! Thanks for sharing them.

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