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The Empire Builder didn't pull into Columbus until about 5:30 last night and I still had to get all my stuff together at my sister's and face the hour-and-a-half drive home.  That after a very busy and very, very, very fun weekend in Chicago... more on that as the week progresses.

The drive home went much better than expected, and a planned stop helped to break it up.  At about the half-way mark is a little town called Rosendale where, right on the highway through town, there's this:

The sign at the gate

I must have driven past Sisson's Peony Gardens a million times before I noticed it several years ago... and then drove by a half-million more times before I finally stopped.  Last night.  With camera and borrowed lens.  It was a little breezy, though, so not the greatest conditions for flower portraits.  There were a few peonies blooming, but the vast majority are June bloomers and the real show won't be for another week or two.  Judging by all the buds, it will be spectactular -- and I will likely have opportunity to stop again!

The charming old sign

I loved the old sign, mounted to the fence at the rear of the garden.  The peony varieties were all clearly identified and the garden itself is very well tended.  It's evident that there's a lot of community effort and pride poured into that little garden.



Can't wait to hear more and see more!


It must smell divine when all the peonies are in bloom! I just noticed I have my first peony blossom of the year. yay!


Oh, please, do go back! I would love to see your photos of the peonies.


As a displaced Wisconsinite, I love it when you mention places I know. My sister and her family lived in Rosendale for several years; her husband was the city administrator for North Fond du Lac...oh, the memories!


Can't wait to see all the lovely peony blooms you capture.


Cool sign! Our peonies are just starting into bud... it'll be at least another few weeks until we get flowers.

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