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03 June 2009

Meet the Quirks

I have my work cut out for me today -- lots of photos to process from various shoots, projects to complete, portraits to deliver; laundry and "day off" around-the-house stuff; and a graduation tonight!  Even though I've known all year long that Maddy was a senior, the fact that she'd actually graduate and be finished -- that I would have NO MORE CHILDREN in the local school district in any capacity at all -- just kind of slammed me the other day.  I'm still catching my breath and shaking my head!  Wow.

I'm just popping in with another quickie this morning...

I love a quirky photo.  These are two of my favorites (so far) from Friday evening's shoot with my sister's family.  This is not your standard "say cheese," look-this-way, color-coordinated family and that's the last type of photograph they'd want.  I wouldn't even be able to take a photo like that with these people.


The photo above is taken shooting down from the deck off the kitchen at the rear of the house.  The yard slopes down quite a ways, too.  I processed it using a technique that mimics the use of a "tilt-shift" lens -- making the subjects appear miniature and (sometimes) as if they're part of a model.  I love how the chairs make it pop... there sure is a lot of green, otherwise, isn't there!?!


I knew I'd love this one the second I shot it!  It's all about stance, posture, body language, relationship, footwear (coveting those Keens!)... I especially love the discarded toy, but truth be told, the garden hose totally makes it.  Heh, it just wouldn't be the same without it!  I love this more than I should.

Have a terrific Wednesday.

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OMG--I *love* both photos! The first one really looks as if your folks are a doll house family chilling in their doll house yard. Love the chairs!

Sweet photos! A bittersweet evening for sure tonight! Congrats to Maddy - and to you for sheparding them all through the "free" school years. Lots of love to you all tonight!

You have such a great eye!

Fun photos! Don't cry too much tonight at graduation.

I particularly like that second one, too!

I love how the tree (with the V) looks purplish!

EXCELLENT photos. I love your eye, and you are clearly having so much fun with it.

Love the photos!

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