Knitting: Baby caps

Makes you think all the world's a sunny day

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summer

"Kodachrome," words & music by Paul Simon

Oh yeah.

I love to take a photograph -- though it won't ever be with Kodachrome again!

Here's a "preview of the sneak peek" posted for Brad & Jen on the Victoria-Pictoria Custom Photography blog -- we had a Saturday afternoon super-mini-session a couple of weeks ago.


This one's a little unconventional, but I absolutely love it...  I love that you can read so much about Jen as a mother in her body language -- and I can relate to that.  You can't even see her eyes -- but you know what's there.

This wonderful photo, the changes in my family, Francesca's quote posted the other day... it all has me feeling a wee bit misty and nostalgic today.  My babies may be flying the coop (and jumping out of airplanes!), but my identity is still very much defined by motherhood and I will always relate to mothers of young children...and babies.

Luckily, I'll be meeting with a handy newborn and her family on Sunday!

I'm dieing to shoot a birth.  I wrote a few times, long ago, about my interest in the work of doulas... this meeting with newborns and new moms and kids to talk and take pictures seems to play to that a little bit.  Kind of a lot.

Shaping things... my life...

Continuing to ask myself what moves me...

Are you asking yourself?  What kind of answers are you getting?



We may all use digital cameras now, but isn't it a bit sad to see Kodachrome go?

Terrific photo!


Adorable baby cap? Where? I don't see it. Can I? A baby cap is about the only thing I feel capable of producing these days.


Vicki - I ask myself all the time. Lately, the anly answer seems to be "the car"!


Sigh - what a great photo and a touch of nostalgia.


You have a way of capturing the best candid shots.


Ditto what Margene said. That photo is magazine-quality and I adore it!!!!


Dieing to shoot a birth, huh?

I'm giving birth to twins in December... we should talk.


Point and shoot. And take LOTS of photos. That's my motto. One captures many precious moments...

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