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Knitting: Baby caps


I love knitting little baby caps -- they're a great way to use up odd balls of yarn, they're small and lightweight, they make for "cool" knitting, and they're finished UBER quick!

Both of these patterns are from Blankets, Hats, and Booties: To Knit and Crochet, by Kristin Spurkland, which I borrowed last week from my wonderful public library.

The cap above, knit from the bottom up, is the "Diamond Brocade" pattern.  It's quite a simple pattern, as long as it is read correctly -- noting where the asterisk marking the beginning of the repeat actually IS rather than where it could be.  I ripped that little bugger almost a half-dozen times before it sunk in.  The yarn is vintage Ravelry Classic Elite Nature's Palette Double Knitting Cotton from my sister's stash.  I still have quite a bit left.


This cap, knit from the top down, is called, simply, "No Gauge."  I knit it using some Ravelry Mission Falls 1824 Cotton left over from the leftovers that I used for the Mack Truck Sweater.  There's still some more of that, too.


It's hot.  We're all feeling lazy... though some of us can't actually BE lazy.



You just helped me figure out what to do for my hairdresser for her new baby. Besides wishing her back since I got a really (and I mean REALLY) short haircut from her standin!! Must go scrounge for baby hat patterns....

*kitty scritch* - you may return to lazing around now


Very cute caps, also, I think the baby feet in the linked withing suggestions is so appropo.


Thank you so much. Let the summer knitting commence!


They're adorable! I think small knits like these are best for summer and these lazy days!


Those baby caps are so CUUUUUUUUUUUTE. I have so much going on, though, that I have nooooo knitting desire.


Those little caps are so sweet!

Carrie :: The Rocking Yak

I love those baby hats. It is refreshing to see baby hats that are sweet & simplistic. I get so tired of the baby hats that border on silly.

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