Saturday sky with clematis
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day


Maddy JUMPED out of an airplane yesterday!

She actually told me the plan a few weeks ago already but I haven't thought on it much.

My first reaction was, "Oh NO!" followed by, "Hey, I wanted to do that once."  Then I half-seriously asked if I could go along and take pictures.

I didn't go along -- neither to jump nor take pictures -- but maybe next time.  I've already been informed that there's a next time!

(It's hard not to go steppin' down the '80s Dance Mix YouTube Trail after watching Anita, June and Ruth jumpin' around up there!)

I worked hard, hard, hard all weekend!  I took a pergola sun break on Saturday -- oh, my, it was a gorgeous day!  Katie and I took a walk up to the coffee shop in the evening.  It warmed up quite a bit over the weekend, so DH and I installed the air conditioners in the windows upstairs and down yesterday.  We didn't need them... yet... but soon, I fear, and now we're prepared.

Summer has arrived!  Yay!  We can stop complaining about the cold and rain and commence the complaining about the heat and humidity!

I finished knitting an adorable little baby cap on Saturday and started another last night.  All of a sudden, babies are appearing all over.

Blogkeeping:  Just so you know, I haven't been receiving notification of comments... some, but not all (sometimes not many), and there appears to be no rhyme or reason.  Not the best at replies in the best of times, this just adds another wrinkle to the situation.

Finally, it's nearly time for Claudia to JUMP on her BIKE and pedal for the MS RIDE!!!  The race is THIS SATURDAY, so the prize parade is in its final week -- and has started off beautifully.  Check it out.  Donate if you can; I know it's tough this year.  I guarantee: living with MS is tougher.



Have I mentioned that I love your blog redesign? It's so clean, I am a fan.


Just wait until tomorrow for the heat and humidity! It's bad! And just so you know - it's ok for your kid to jump out of a plane. I appluad her and think it's grand. My kid - however - won't be able to do it. Ever.


I'm jealous of your sunshine and warm weather!


She jumped? And wants to go again? My heart is in my throat.


That song always makes me think of that scene in Love, Actually, where Hugh Grant is lip-synching and dancing at 10 Downing Street.

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