Chilly weekend!

Hi. I've been busy!

It's mostly a good busy.

Except this morning when Ali called in a panic because her ESPRESSO machine wasn't working... at the COFFEE shop and she didn't even think she could open!  She can brew coffee and has some toddy made.  But wow.  No espresso!  After letting my own wave of panic pass, the cooler head said, "Breathe. Things happen. You can only do what you can do!  (What can you do???)"

Well, here's what:  I printed some "apology coupons" and dropped them off, and suggested that it was an opportunity to recommend other menu items -- a smoothie, a cuppa tea, or an iced toddy latte!  You don't want these things ever to happen, but it's a good learning experience and one that Ali can turn to her advantage... say, when she updates her business plan... because that's still the goal.  Or something like that.  Repairs are underway.

Hi Sharon!!

My sister called last night to remind me that I haven't blogged much this week and she misses me.  I've definitely thought about blogging, but along with the aforementioned busy comes boring -- at least in terms of the blog -- plus the crap weather wasn't doing much for overall mood.  It's better now.  The weather.  Sunny and warm, woohoo!

So, let's see, what's the buzz?  On Monday I worked, went to Zumba, did some photo work, knit a few rounds, read a little bit, went to bed.  On Tuesday I worked, met with some local photogs, did some photo work, knit a few rounds, read a little bit, went to bed.  On Wednesday I met Mom for a quick cup of coffee, had a photo shoot, did some photo work and bookkeeping (x3), read a little bit, went to bed.  On Thursday I worked, went to Zumba, did some photo work, took photos as Katie put finishing touches on her three crostata di lamponi e miritilli, read a little bit, went to bed.  Laundry was stuffed into a few of the cracks, I ate a lot of cereal for supper... keep forgetting that I have bread dough in the fridge!

See?  Kind of boring.  This weekend, I'm heading to Mack's fourth birthday party and some photo appointments.  Next week, I'm only working two days, then heading with Maddy to her college orientation!  I'll bring the laptop and camera and see if I can find something interesting to blog about.


I am hoping that my order for Habu root sizing silk will be in by then so that I can be working on my Transverse Scarf!!  I have been chomping at the bit to start!!


I'm still knitting Harmonia's Rings and it's fine and I'll love it, but it's on circs and if wasn't for the mysteriousness dreamed up by Sivia Harding and inspired by Cat Bordhi (it still rather escapes me, how this is going to turn out like it's supposed to), I'd have sent it to the marination chamber long ago.  Plus, it's warm out now.

I'll tell you, though, all I've been THINKING about knitting is Mim's Transverse Scarf!  The stitch pattern, the fiber, her beautiful photos -- which, because I have no yarn yet with which to start one of my own, she has kindly granted me permission to post here -- have all combined to slay me.  It's true.

Happy Weekend!!


Sharon Blum

Hi Vicki !!! Thanks for helping my daily routine with a new post. Now things should go just swell :-) I Love Yu !


Wow - you have been busy! And to think - you could have come here for vacation with me. Where is Maddy going to college??


Love the new header!

Hope you have fun at Mack's 4th birthday! My Goodwin turned four on Tuesday and it hardly seems possible that I'm passed the baby and toddler years, and firmly into childhood with all my kids.

I'm interested in Ali's "toddy"- what is it, and is it good?

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Doesn't sound too bad--if you could just cut out that sleeping, you'd have plenty more time ;-)

That scarf is gorgeous, looking forward to hearing how root sizing silk works on the needles.


You have been *busy*! Lovely new banner.


I love the new banner, too!

How did the espresso machine debacle play itself out? Your apology coupons were a fab idea!

Lotta Asklander

I just turned in on your blog, and I like it.

Then I saw the picture on your Transverse scarf. It was really nice and I might knit and have it as a project sometime in the future.

Kind regards
Stockholm, Sweden


Wow...that would be a panic situation! NO Expresso!! :)

Love the pictures! so pretty!

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