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Sad, sad week

Habu love

It was my day off yesterday.  It was hot and I wasn't really fit for the public eye, but when Iris Fine Yarns called to say that my Habu Root Sizing Silk was in... I just had to go for a drive!

Habu Root Sizing Silk 

So worth it.

Habu Root Sizing Silk

I had fun photographing it.

Habu Root Sizing Silk

The first repeat of my Transverse Scarf scarf is complete -- and I only had to rip and start over ONCE!  I might have been able to muddle through and fix my mistake if I hadn't also dropped a stitch without realizing it -- and yanked once a bit too hard.  Yeah.  I love that Mim has both charted and written the lace pattern.

Habu Root Sizing Silk

This fiber is wonderful and I am so in love with the color -- a gorgeous gray-purple that is pretty true in the photos.  It is so lustrous and beautiful.  According to Mim's pattern, the scarf will need to be washed numerous times in order to wash out all of the root sizing and plump up the fiber... oh, my, this is my kind of knitting.



Loooooove the color. Must get the right yarn for the next Transverse.


I agree with Margene: that is one beautiful color!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I haven't knitted any Habu, but I'm getting more and more intrigued.

At the risk of repeating myself: I love your photos. You take a photo of yarn, and it's art. The third picture is my favorite. I'm always very delighted when my blogroll tells me you've posted something new. Thank you!


The way you photographed the Habu made it look as if it were "shy", sort afraid to pop out and say hello to us. Lovely photos Vicki!

theresa/t does wool you will have to let me know how this works up...must try,!!

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