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Saturday sky with clematis


We rode Amtrak's Hiawatha Service from Milwaukee to Chicago late on Saturday morning.


On Saturday afternoon, we saw Dan Zanes & Friends in concert.  It was a FANTASTIC show and he was not nearly as frantic or frenetic as I feared.



Maybe it's the hair...

Mack had a shirt autographed, and also one for his dad.



There were all different colored lights in the lobby areas of the theater -- the colors are WHACKED!

After the concert, we walked over to Millenium Park and goofed around by Cloud Gate (aka, the Bean).  We had hot dogs and ice cream for supper, and then walked back to our hotel.  Some guy wanted to sell us tickets for Mary Poppins for $10/head and the kids for free or something ridiculous and it was tempting, but boy, were we tired!




Annie and I shared a king-size bed with the boys between us and, holy cow, I haven't slept with a kid in a while... foot in my back, foot in my ear, foot in my back again, toe in the eye... yowza!

On Saturday, we walked 300 miles from our hotel to the Field Museum, dropping our luggage off at a rented locker at the train station on the way.  It didn't look that far on the map.  And, okay, it was maybe three miles.


We met Sue.  Annie and the boys made a plan.



I was very excited about the trilobytes.  They are the Wisconsin State Fossil, and I love them.  I doubt that I'd love them if they were alive right now, but I adore them as fossils.



We saw lots and lots of dinosaurs, and learned many things!



We saw some other displays -- one about Egypt and one about Native Americans -- but there's just not enough time in a day!!  We took a cab from the museum to the station and hopped aboard the very roomy Amtrak Empire Builder for a ride to Columbus.  I didn't want to get off!



Looks like a great, fun time! Love the Dan Zanes pics- he just seems to truly enjoy children, and we're big fans of his music here.


LLBean in Freeport, ME has a free summer concert series and Dan Zane is one of the performers this season. Now that I've seen your review... we'll definitely check it out.


And a great time was had by all. Some day I'd love to see that bean.


fabulous photos (as always)
and oh my, your comment about sleeping with a child had me laughing until tears fell down my cheeks.... I so remember those days (its been a long time)


Great photos and what a cool trip! I'll bet everyone will remember it for a long time :)


What a blast! Is it wrong that I don't know who Dan Zane is?


Egads - I made that mistake (about walking to the Field Museum, that is) last month! It really doesn't look that far -- but I took the scenic route down to Buckingham Fountain, and then walked to the FM. Talk about tired tootsies! Great pics, thanks for sharing... :D


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! :)

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