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We've been dealing with some tragedy in these parts -- the loss of one of Maddy's classmates last Friday and then the discovery of another today.  It's a good time to fall back on The Power of Friendship.  It's what I told Maddy to do when she called me today and said that she just couldn't face school this afternoon -- go cry and scream and do what you need to do, then go find some friends and be together, be there for one another.

There's a funeral tonight.

It's going to be a tough week.

Mother's Day on Sunday.

Damn it.

Hug your kids.  Every single day.  Get one in return.



OMG. You said it. XO


The loss of young people is the hardest thing a community can go through. About 15 years ago, it seemed that we were dealing with that sort of tragedy on an annual basis. Come spring we all would brace ourselves knowing that funerals were looming. Your advice to your child is on the money; don't hold it in. Release the emotion and remember how fragile life is. Smile and be kind to all in spite of differences. One never knows.


I went through the same thing in high school. It has a devastating effect on everyone, but you are in tune with her, so I know she will be alright. Hugs to you both.


*hugs to Maddie and to you* My thoughts are with her right now!


I am so sorry. That truly sucks. Hugs to you and Maddie.


Oh geez, Vicki. This must be horrible for all of you. You're in my thoughts.


I'm so sorry Vick!!! I know I've been absent lately - but I'm always thinking of you and sending lots of love. Please tell Maddy I'm thinking of her too. I've been to a couple of funerals like that and they're are the absolute worst. LOTS of hugs!


Oh no! I'm so sorry. You gave excellent advice.


Oh, damn.

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