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Clever title, eh?  My creativity seems to be at a very low ebb -- I see a glimmer now and then, so I know it's not gone forever, but I'd sure like to get excited about and involved in making something again!  Something to work on, I guess... keep working on, allow, brush up against... 


Do you TEDAngie posted a link the other day to a talk about creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert on TED that I found very interesting.  I've watched and listened to it a couple of times now.  I have seen a few other talks on TED, but always seem to forget about it.  I've fixed that now, I hope, by creating and account and should, therefore, receive weekly newsletters/reminders.  Anyway, I've shared that link many times over the weekend via Facebook and email and now via blog.  It's long, but worth it and I hope you'll watch.  While I've never caught a poem by the tail and pulled it back, I have been brushed by that "thing," and I have witnessed olé, and I think I know what Elizabeth Gilbert is talking about!  What do you think?


The long weekend was mostly low-key and relaxing, but I also managed to get quite a bit accomplished -- even some techy stuff of the sort that usually gives me headaches.

I did some weeding in the garden and feel that nice little pull at the back of my thighs to remind me that I should do it more often.  I took a very few photos while out there -- it was pretty windy most of the weekend.

Mack & Addison brought their parents for a quick Saturday-Sunday visit and they came over for lunch and a visit with the dog before heading back home.  I am SO looking forward to our train trip to Chicago this weekend.  I am hoping to meet up with my very dear friend Julie while there -- I haven't seen her in probably about 20 years.  When I moved out of home for the first time on my own, it was in with Julie and her kids that I moved.  It's the kind of connection and friendship that can endure such drought.  That said, I am so excited to see her again!


On the tech front.  Well.  I finally made the call on Friday which, in my mind, was to cancel my Wordpress blog, but really it was to find out how to get the domain name pointing back to a Typepad blog.  I am ticked that not only is it pointing where I want it to, I created a whole new sub-domain for it, too!  I am still not finished with the merging and consolidating, catching up and updates, but the Victoria-Pictoria Custom Photography blog is up and running at!

I also learned that I could host DH's Oceans and Dreams website on my hosting account, even though his domain was through another provider... and I did it!  The only thing we lost is the shopping cart for limited-edition prints and I hope it's only temporary.  I believe we have everything in place to integrate a PayPal solution, except the actual knowledge and ability to do so.  This is the part where I'd normally start tearing out my hair and agonizing over the fact that I could do it myself if it wasn't such a twisty route getting from A to B; instead, I'm going to find someone to do it...  Know anyone?

All that and a viewing of Funny Girl, Wallander, and Glee, along with the start of a new knitting project -- Rav_link Harmonia's Rings Cowl.  Thought I'd save a little somethin' for tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Thanks and appreciation to the fallen who make all the great weekends possible, and to those who continue to serve.



Your pictures are so beautiful. You're working on note cards along with everything else, right? (She asked self-servingly.) Kim Gibson might be able to help you!


Thanks for posting the beautiful purple flowers!


Those flower shots are amazingly beautiful! Are they chive flowers? Because if so, I must let some of mine bloom. ;)

I missed the premiere Glee last week. Was it as much fun as the previews made it seem?

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