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YeeHAW!!  I don't know why I'm so excited about this little trip up to Door County today, but I am.  The "Door" really hasn't excited me much the past few years -- I liked it better when it was kitsche-ier, when it was artier and craftier -- there are still plenty of galleries, but it seems less so -- it's giftier now and in the worse possible imported resin-y "yard art" way.  I recall when working artists and craftspeople occupied roadside/shoreline cabins and set out their wares everyday to the delight of visitors -- it was more personable and personal, I guess, not so hoity-toity art-wise, or cheap gift-wise.

Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, it was last July that Katie and I were up there for some reason and I was photographing "rows" of things.  While you can see a few red spots in the trees, the cherry crop was dismal last year.  Today, I'm hoping for Door County cherry blossoms!


I had a wonderful, kind of last-minute, non-knitting meet up last night with Angie, who is working in my area this week.  We talked about knitting -- a lot -- and showed our knitting, but neither of us knit a single stitch.  We had coffee and dinner and talked, talked, talked!  It was a great time and I'm glad we could do it, Angie!

The Dancing With The Stars Finals (spoiler alert!) was just starting when I got home, so I settled in and holy smokes, I was definitely surprised (in a good way) at the ending!  The season review was a little painful at times and I could have done without the "roast" thing (that just makes me squirm), but there were parts that I was happy to re-live.  One of my favorites this season was Steve-O.  I would not have given him a single thought before this show, and it was very easy to believe that he would goof off and and not take it seriously at all.  There was something so charming and endearing about him and how hard he tried -- he was so sincere (in my opinion) and I realized last night that he reminded me of a 6-year-old boy trying to please his mom, plain and simple, with a toad in his pocket, and unabashed.  I am so happy that Shawn Johnson took the mirror-ball trophy -- it was great to see her having fun (those Olympic game faces are always so serious!).  It was a fun season and I can't wait for the next -- I'm still not sick of it.  ; )



Isn't Angie a treat? I met up with her last summer when she was working in my area.

Photos of rows of things. Hmmm. That is an interesting concept.


I have a friend who always take pictures of anything "world". He'll stop for Skate World or Mirror World. It's an enormous collection! Hve some fun girlie....

Melissa V.O.

Amen. I haven't been to Door County in nearly 10 years and I'd like to remember it like how you photograph it.


Vicki, I've been a truant blogger, but I still peak in every so often and I have to say that I have enjoyed watching you "blossum" as a photographer and blogger. (Which is really inspiring because I KNOW you're very close in age to me.) You have gotten very good at both and I love the new site design! I miss the whole knitblogger community and wish that work and life were not stealing so much of my time away from preferred distractions. Just stopped by to say hi and tell you I love what you've done with the place!


I'm glad we could get together, too, Vicki! It was very much a highlight of my week.

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