What's up?


Mostly cloudy

It looks kinda nice, but it's very windy and quite chilly... for the middle of May!

Through the trees

A big bank of clouds is sitting on the eastern horizon, making for interesting light coming into the kitchen this morning.  These are taken from the back porch.  Soon, the leaves will seriously limit my view!

I'm heading off to Zumba in about an hour -- my punch card is half-used-up already!  After dashing home for a quick shower, mom will pick me up and we'll drive to "Madison."  It isn't really Madison anymore, but I'm always going to think that when I drive south to visit Annie.  There's a special celebration tonight for Mack & Addison's oldest brother's graduation from college.

Back2 Back1

I cast off the back of my Habu sweater last night.  I've kept track of the increase/decrease rows with the markers rather than writing them out.  This piece was knit from cuff-to-cuff so the second half mirrorred the first.  The piece seems seriously small, but the bejeebers is blocked out of these Habu sweaters and I think I'll do that before I start the other pieces.  It's knit on big needles with small yarn and I tried to knit loosely, so there's a LOTTA stretch.  We'll see...

Happy Weekend.



Cool new feature at the end of the post!


The green trees are filling in a blocking my view from here. Summer cometh. Hope the weekend is full, fun and fantastic!

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