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Quickie today

Oh, how I wish I had Rav_link Harmonia's Rings 'round my neck right now!  It's been so rainy and cold -- the space heater under my desk is set to "high power" 75F and I'm still chilled -- that I wish it was done RIGHT NOW!  I am making good progress, but alas, no photo to show you yet.

What I can say is that I'm now knitting blind and Sivia Harding has joined the ranks of Cat Bordhi and Elizabeth Zimmermann in terms of knitting vision.  It will all become clear in the end (I think), but I'm having a hard time figuring out EXACTLY how the increases I've started to make will transform the "simple" moebius ring I've begun into something that falls down over my shoulders but does not rise up to my eyeballs.

I should have grabbed another layer today, but DARN IT, on Monday it will be JUNE!  C'mon already!!

It was a busy day of running around yesterday, including a long overdue haircut (that wasn't as much of a cut as it was a trim -- and I really kind of needed a cut -- so my next appointment may need to be moved up from 8 to 6... or 4 or 5).  I found myself in a fabric store and bought a yard-and-a-half of a few different, fun prints for some upcoming projects.  I also found myself at TJMaxx and bought a new workout shirt for Zumba, which I'll have opportunity to try out tonight!  There was grocery shopping, banking and bill-paying, bookkeeping for Ali... by the end of the day, I was too worn out even for book club!  In fact, I was feeling way more tired that I should have and, since Maddy's been fighting a cold all week and I've a big weekend away, I took pre-emptive medicinal measures and went to bed early.  Well, that was the plan... I had a second wind and went to bed at the normal time.  I slept well and feel great today, except for the cold wet weather stuff.


Christa Giles

I was a tester for Harmonia's Rings... and all of those increases should be falling on one half of your mobius.. and once they are done, you'll be casting off the other half (that goes up to your chin rather than your eyeballs) before you continue lengthening the lower half.

The funny thing is, I went off to make my own variation, planning to morph it into a hood with more space to pull it fully up and forward... and I failed, so now *I* have a giant tube that goes up to my eyeballs :)


I'm still not sure if I did the Harmonia right. It completely blew my mind and it seems like it is right, but mine doesn't look as elegant as Cat's. sigh.

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