Happy Mother's Day!
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Monday meandering

...by which I mean It's Just Another Random Monday, but what's the limit on using the word "random" in the title of a blog post?  I'm surely nearing the limit!

I had a great weekend, how about you?  I was a home body for most of it and celebrated Mother's Day (Weekend) in long, drawn-out fashion.  Dinner and a movie here, brunch and a brownie there, a stroll through the antique shop and a bouquet of flowers over yonder.

Katie gave me my presents when she returned from her trip last Monday -- European coffees, Greek liquor, and treats from Harrod's.  Yum.  We broke into the toffee last night.

Alison gave me a card* and a memoir by Julie Andrews, which is PERFECT because the theme for my summertime book club meeting is "celebrity memoir."  We're each choosing a different memoir to read and will make a short report to the group!

Maddy brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers, which I supplemented with bleeding hearts cut from the garden -- I'd been wanting a bouquet of them, but they play best with others, so YAY!

It smells farm-y outside today.  That may not seem surprising, given that there's a farm right across the street, but it's a TINY farm and it usually doesn't smell like anything at all!  It's very light and not altogether unpleasant.  Actually, I quite like it and would much rather smell "farm" (even "strong" farm) than many other things!

You know how you have "good" underwear in the drawer and "bad" underwear way down under or pushed to the back?  I have the same thing with bras.  I grabbed a bad bra this morning.  I can't even stand it while I'm just sitting and doing office stuff today.  It makes me fidget and squirm.  And I'm going to Zumba tonight, which makes it REALLY bad!  I made two emergency calls today regarding my bra and how I might take possession of a suitable replacement before 5:30; between Katie & Ali, I think we've got it figured out.  Whew!  What I really need is to stop at a STORE one of these days to buy a couple of sports models.

Knitting is taking a back seat.  It used to be, if there was a conflict on Knit Night, knitting always won, but that's not turning out to be the case this spring/summer -- attendance has been light in general, so I know it's not just me.  I posted a message on my knitting group's message board today -- because I'm one of the small handful of "regulars" -- to let them know that I may not be so regular in the coming months; it doesn't feel right to just stop going.  I'm knitting plenty/enough at home -- it's still my favorite thing to do instead of housecleaning -- and I'll knit out when I can this summer, but life is busy and family, photography, and fitness are this summer's priorities.

*Ali gave me a photo card from a local photographer who has product in the coffee shop.  After her handwritten Mother's Day greeting, Ali wrote a P.S.: You should make your photos into cards -- they're better than these!  She's not very objective, of course, but that comment was just the push I needed to get something going -- and maybe getting some inventory into the etsy shop I created months ago, too!  Anyway, I spent a good chunk of my relaxing yesterday going through image files for potential cards and maybe even some prints.  Thanks Al!  What would I do with my kids???



Your comment about the farm smell takes me back to my growing up in the country in North Dakota. In the spring when the fields and pastures thaw, it can get pretty overpowering!

I think we should have a "throw out all your bad underwear" day. Why do we keep it, anyway??


Ali is right - your photos would make great cards! It's okay, I've had an inventory-less Etsy shop for months, too. Product development is hard.


I love the smell of the country/farms in the spring and summer! Yes, I grew up with it, but it just makes all seem right. I vote for photo cards displaying some of your fab photos, too. You really do amazing stuff.


You do have some pretty spectacular photos that would make wonderful photo cards! My favorite photo cards are sets that don't repeat the photo but have a theme; they're hard to find.


I think cards is a great idea, Vicki.

Amy Lu

Hi Vicki! I've just spent last twenty minutes perusing your blog and catching up....

How are you? I'm loving your photography ~ you are so talented! Maybe I'll get myself a big-girl camera one of these days! (grin)

Any good, local, knitting events coming up?

Take care!

Amy Lu


The spring smell around here a week or so ago is dog poo... recently unfrozen from the mounds of snow and ice and thawing in the sun. Ah, spring in the northcountry. Bras! I have such a thing about them. I have only one make/model that fits me PERFECTLY and that I can wear all day and still feel good in. No quadriboob, no uniboob, no bits of flesh poking out the bottom or sides. No riding up in the back. Why can't I get more like this????? I think I spend $1500 a year trying bras (and then send them back for refunds). It's gotten so bad I can't remember what is good and what isn't, so I started a spreadsheet. Now I can say "oh, tried that, it sucked". I have thrown away all the BAD ones, and only wear the not so good one when I need the feature it provides (no lace-and um, nip- to show through the t shirt). Have you tried Title 9 for sports bras? They have quite the collection, for tiny and for large.


You should make cards!! Hopefully the bra situation worked itself out. You DESERVE a better bra. Just do it!


I'll add my voice to the "make cards" chorus!


So glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend, and you surely do have your priorities in the right order. Get new bras! You'll be so glad you did. AND yes, make cards!!!!


I read that Julie Andrews book. She spins a good yarn.


It's funny that even a post with no pictures, I could "picture" every thing you said - except the bad bra! Go for it - the cards!


I hear you on the farm smell, it's definitely gearing up to planting time.
Make cards. Have you seen www.red bubble.com?, I know bloggers printing cards and selling them there.


Picotorious cards! I am a customer for sure.

Hey, I've been reading you in bloglines, but I love the new look here. I'll click over every time now.

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