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Monday meandering

Happy Mother's Day!

Espalier in spring

I took the camera for a walk around the house on Friday night to see what we could see.  The espalier crabapple is looking pretty darn good.  I was pretty neglectful last year, but it doesn't seem to have suffered.  Hoping for a blossom or two -- it's on the north side of the house, so is usually quite late with the flowers.

Creeping phlox

We lost all but a tiny bit of a patch of creeping phlox on the garage side of the stone steps; it's just starting to bloom on the other side -- always a favorite.


I found a sowbug -- or something -- on the front walk.  Hm?  Closer??


(The macro les was on the camera!)  Okay.  I'll end with something pretty.

Purple bells

I had a pretty relaxing day yesterday and plans for another today.  We went to see the Star Trek movie last night and I enjoyed it a lot.  I don't think I've been to a movie since Doubt at Christmas time.

Happy Mother's Day!



Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mothers I know!!

Kay - From the Back Yard

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

And thanks for your beautiful photos.


The pictures of the bug are magnificent! Most of your photos are outstanding, and for a long time I've been meaning to thank you for sharing them with us. Thanks and happy Mother's Day; hope your girls will be with you!


Happy Mother's day, Vicki.
Lovely garden photos.


have a great day!


Beautiful photos, as always. I love them. Have a lovely day!


Beautiful photos. Well, except for the bug. I could have lived without the close up. Heh.
Happy Mother's Day, Vicki!


Beautiful photos. Happy Mother's Day to you; glad it was so relaxing.


Happy Mother's Day!! Star Trek - can't wait!


Really nice photos!

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