Spring Road Trip
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Fun day

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At the beach - tiltshift

R at the tip of the Door

Cherry Blossom Bokeh, Baby

Cherry orchard tiltshift 

Backlit Cherry Blossom Bokeh

We went all the way to the tip of the Door County Peninsula -- something I haven't done in many years.

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We stopped at Door Peninsula Winery for some tasting and brought home some cranberry wine; had lunch -- breakfast, actually (Swedish pancakes and eggs, some with Swedish meatballs, another with sausage) -- at Al Johnson's in Sister Bay; drove all the way up to Gills Rock and over to Northport, down and around to Rowleys Bay, then meandered our way back to Fish Creek where DH will be stationed for the next few days.  We helped move materials into his classroom, then went to the market for a few things to stock the fridge in his (so adorably cute) cabin, and finished off relaxing by the creek and enjoying a root beer float before dropping him off and heading home.

Maybe I've been going up too late in the season and it's the crowds that make me cranky, because this was a MOST enjoyable trip.  Things seemed more fresh and new or were being spruced up; there were no lines, no waiting, no traffic problems -- the calm before the (Memorial Day) storm -- it was a magnificent (if a wee bit windy) day, too, which didn't hurt.  Fun day.



Beautiful area! It's always more enjoyable to go to any busy area before Memorial Day weekend. You made the most of the trip!


Beautiful - just - beautiful! Glad you had such a good time. My only time there was less than memorable.


We've always talked about going to Door County and haven't made it yet. I'm with you; I'd time it to avoid crowds even if the weather was less than perfect.


I've only been to Door County once, but it was just gorgeous. We even went to a fish boil, and just missed cherry blossoms by about two weeks. So lovely, and your photos are gorgeous.

Oh, and I laughed when I saw your header--the Open-parenthesis followed by the word "happy"? For a minute I thought it said Chappy, and that, of course, always makes me smile!


Now, that looks like a GRAND day!


What a lovely day and such marvelous photos! I'm relaxed just looking. It has been about 35 years since I've been there. I'll remember to try off-season when I return.


Were you playing with the TiltShift thingy? I love the extreme closeup of your husband.

Melissa V.O.

Awesome! I think you are right on about getting out there early in the season, it's similar for my home state just across that lake. Thanks for the photo of the water, I'd usually be found on the Michigan side of it looking out across to Wisconsin and I am homesick for it. The color of that water is so familiar and comforting.

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