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Have I mentioned how much I love these boys?  My sister has invited me to accompany them on a trip to Chicago at the end of the month to see Dan Zanes.  We'll be taking the train, including a leg on The Empire Builder -- and it gives me goosebumps just to write that.  We rode The Empire Builder from Milwaukee to Portland 18 years ago next month -- Maddy was so wee -- it was a great adventure with our little family and I can still hear the conductor in my head after all these years as he'd occasionally remind us exactly which train we were aboard.  Oh, and now I'm hearing Mack and his very unique way of saying, "All a-BOARD!"  It'll be a fun trip.  I'm thinking of renting a super-duper camera lens for the occasion.

There hasn't been much knitting this week, so you get recently posted photos of the boys.  I'm so frustrated with the photog blog that I'm just frozen in that regard -- sitting here waiting for an epiphany.  (It's been quite a while now and it hasn't happened yet, so maybe I need to air it out a bit.)  I'd begun a photo blog on Typepad ages ago, then an easy, hands-free Wordpress installation came along with the domain/hosting package so I decided to switch.  Then started the spam like you wouldn't believe and, hoping not to jinx things and knocking furiously on wood, I've just never had much of a problem with that on Typepad.  Plus, I know the platform, I'm a long-time customer, I'm paying for it.  I'm mad that Wordpress makes me feel like a dope sometimes and pissed at myself that I DELETED posts on Typepad as I migrated so it's going to be a PITA to retreat.  Anyway.  Just one more thing on my Month-of-Sundays list.

So what's up for the weekend?  Ali's coming over tonight for some cleaning out and decluttering.  Thank goodness.  We're going to be having a very big sale at some point in the not-too-distant future -- all three girls have so much unused, unneeded, unnecessary STUFF to unload.  As do I, oh yes I do.  So that'll be tonight and will maybe carry into tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate so I can shake out some sheets and stuff over the edge of the cliff and hang 'em on the line.  Wish me luck and progress.  And have a great weekend, yourself!



The train trip sounds fabulous! The pictures you share from it will be fabulous. The boys are so, so darling. You're a sweet aunt.


Marvelous boy photos! The train trip sounds very cool. Good luck and progress on the weekend projects!


Great pictures! I'm assuming you're the official photographer for the family? Because if you're not, you should be!

Dan Zanes is great- we caught him in Madison a year ago. Great music, and just seems to truly enjoy entertaining kids. You should have a great time with those two guys!

Have a great weekend- I'm still checking the calender for my month of Sundays- way too much needs to be done around here!


Gorgeous - photos and boys!


fabulous photos - you captured such precious moments.
I hope that your "issues" with the photo blog get resolved.


My gosh, you take great photos! Do you ever enter them in competitions at sites online? The only thing I know about them is through a friend who's an amateur photographer and wins occasionally.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Love the boys' photos and the new banner. I hope you whip that photography blog into shape, you deserve to get the word out about your work.

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