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Sometimes Mother Nature's wires get crossed and a duck doesn't realize that the safest place to lay eggs isn't really going to work in the long run.  Thankfully, there are people like Celia and her coworkers to lend a hand and make things right.  It's an example of true awesomeness.  I love a happy ending with fuzzy ducklings!

More awesomeness in the form of some recent Flickr Faves.  The two at top left are from Kate's Greece set -- I was salivating when she told me about their experience at the cafe, the photos make me cry!  If you're interested in more of her trip, here's Rome, Florence, and London.


1. Greece20, 2. Greece39, 3. 62_tbird_002, 4. stand in my light, 5. just another day in tuscany, 6. parasol for an angel..., 7. 120-365 Hosta Watch 2009, 8. Forget the cameradude, let's eat before it pours!, 9. Delicate Yelllow Pansy for Project Spectrum East, 10. Buds, 11. Untitled, 12. abandoned, 13. Cupecoy, 14. Solitaire, 15. DSCF6703, 16. Digging for sand fairies, 17. Looking skyward, 18. march 13, 2009, 19. february showers, 20. signs of spring on beacon street, 21. budding, 22. Scrappy: piecing done, 23. it floats in my periphery, 24. YIP: 03.11.09, 25. .stack.



I remember being in Athens with my husband and we were trying to figure out where to have lunch. We were wandering around some side streets, trying to find someplace when a man came up to me and took me by the arm. He said we should come with him if we wanted an awesome meal. We went with him, all the while wondering if we were being led to our slaughter, and ended up at a tiny hole-in-the-wall place where we proceeded to have an amazing meal. True Greek food, not watered down for the "Americans". We had a similar experience in Santorini - now I want to go back to Greece!


Celia's story is so well told. Thank you for sharing the mosaic and for linking to Kate's photos...they are both awesome.


That Mother Duck knows a good, protective place for her young...she uses the same spot each year! Each year I look forward to the ducking parade and Celia never fails to supply us with photos.

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