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This is my laughing face entry in the laughter challenge crowd this week at I Faces.  One of my favorite things about this photo is Addison's wrinkly nose!  There's a photo from about a year ago -- when he was just starting to walk -- with the same adorable, wrinkles.

LAUGHTER!!  What a great theme for a photo contest, huh?

* * * * *

Y'all might be happy to know that I threw out the bad bra last night!  I had a few minutes before Zumba, so went shopping for a sports bra -- OMG, are they all so WARM?  I couldn't stand it!  I'm a little very picky, too, about the fit between my shoulder blades -- I can't stand it if the strap only grazes that area, it starts to tickle/itch and drives me nuts!  I don't know why I thought shopping for a sports bra would be easier than a regular bra.  It ain't!  Did you see Lisa's comment yesterday about the SPREADSHEET she started to keep track of bra brands and models?  Honestly, she might be on to something!  In the end, I walked out with two tops and zero bras, but one of the tops has a BUILT-IN bra!  We'll see how it goes.



This is my favorite! Love everything about it!


Yay, laughing! Boo, bad bra!


I never really thought about it before but you are right - sports bras are too hot.


I love that photo of Addison!!!!!!! Sports bras are a little warm, but they are usually oh so comfortable. ;)


If you really want to start a discussion, ask a group of women about having their favorite bra discontinued! I swear those decisions are all made by men, and probably ones that don't have a wife to talk sense to them. (Not that I'm bitter or anything. LOL)


What a cutie!! My soon to be one year old granddaughter's new trick is to wrinkle her nose and smile at everything. Reminds me of her mother at that age. Sigh...


He does make one smile!

I bought two bras today from title 9. We'll see what their fate is once they actually arrive... and yes, they're on the spreadsheet!

A top with a built in bra works well for smaller busts, but not so much for me. Small chest, big breast... Finding clothes that fit, including bras, makes me feel like a freak of nature.

monkeys on the bed

absolutely love your photo...and i think your second section of your post is hilarious!


I live in sports bras because they're easy to fit me whereas I agonize over "real bras" and when I find one that fits I don't want to wear it out. But I only wear a particular brand of sports bra too which has mesh on it, so it's a little cooler.

And add my vote to the card idea. Your flower photos would make spectacular cards.


Love this laughing face!!
The wrinkly nose is just so cute!

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