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Eye Candy - any day edition, today just happens to be Friday

Tuesday 10 on Wednesday

Is that sort of random?  Yesterday's Ten on Tuesday: 10 Words People Would Use to Describe You.

1.  Eldest (say "oldest" and you will get The Look AND be corrected)

2.  Daughter

3.  Granddaughter

4.  Mother (always wanted to be one)

5.  Sister

6.  Aunt (so much fun)

7.  Wry

8.  Enigmatic

9.  Creative

10.  Kind

* * * * *

I finished my first Houdini Sock yesterday, but will have to re-do the bind-off -- even the super-stretchy technique is too tight.  It might be (could very well be) *me* and *my* technique.

* * * * *

Where do I go to place my order for a month of Sundays?  So much to do, so little time; I'm going to have to give some things up.  But what?

* * * * *

Shook hands and put $10 on the line this morning with a friend, taking up a challenge to lose 10 pounds next month.  As Mack was goofing around, sitting on my lap yesterday morning, he poked at my belly.  "Oh, you have two sets of boobs!"  Out of the mouths of babes.  Heh.  I can do this.  I always wanted them a bit bigger, but one set of boobs in any size is good enough for me.



What I need is an uplift bra that'll pull it up from my gut.


When you get that month of Sundays get some for me, too, okay?


Your list describes the Vicki I know.


11. Friend - a great one!


I'm thinking he might be about right if he poked at the belly location for my boobs!

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