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So much fun

Okay, I might as well start by saying that I left my camera home.  The only photos on my memory card from the weekend are of feet.

Cat Bordhi

Ann took photos of mine and I of hers.  After three days of not much other than sittin' and knittin', my feet and ankles were pretty swollen -- I believe this was taken on Monday morning and they're better, but still pretty puffy.

Ann's flight arrived early Thursday evening and we went directly to Yarns by Design to get acquainted with the shop and pick up our Midwest Masters' Seminar class materials.

The first of two all-day classes we had with Beth Brown-Reinsel, "Aran Pullovers from the Neck Down," was on Friday.  We learned some nice cast on/bind off techniques for this type of construction, a nice neckline technique, and worked a variety of bobbles.  I never knew there were so many different types of bobbles!  Though I have no business to be doing so, this has me dreaming Celtic Dreams...

On Saturday, we had Beth's "Twined Knitting - Textured Socks" class. It's a pretty cool technique and one that I will definitely try, especially since I have a twined knitting pattern and some Z-plied Mora yarn that Margene sent for a birthday present a long while back.  I have a better understanding, now, especially regarding the yarn -- which isn't essential to twined knitting, but that's what it's made for.

Beth was a great teacher and enthusiastic.  She's very generous with her knowledge of both technique and design, and her handouts were thorough and informative.  I would definitely sign up for another class with her if I have the opportunity.

There was a buffet and show-and-tell event on Saturday night, during which there was a district-wide (whatever that means) power failure.  The hotel staff moved candles to the buffet table (candle flame is hot... ask me how I know) and stood with flashlights so we could discern the chicken from the fish.  They moved us all into the hotel lobby, where there was a bit more light, for the show, but we still needed extra light.  The lights came back on after about an hour-and-a-half.  Quite an adventure.

"Houdini Socks - The Simplest and Sweetest Socks of All" was our all-day class on Sunday with Cat Bordhi. Enthusiasm?  She crackles with it.  She's enchanting and amazing and, hell, she's the only person to ever lay at my feet... and sign one of 'em.  Oh, of course, it's more than that!  She's one of those people who walks amongst us, but truly lives in the stratosphere -- innovative, inventive, inquisitive, impulsive, interesting -- always thinking, quickly bored, twelve steps ahead of the rest of us at any given time.  There was some good-natured grumbling from across the room about an incomplete supply list for this class, for which Cat immediately took the heat -- the subject, description and supply list was settled nearly a year ago, she said, but things had changed since then as her idea and design had evolved... and that is key.  Her ideas and designs are always evolving.  That's what makes Cat Cat and what makes her so special.  I think it would be pretty near impossible for the woman to teach the same class twice.

Oh, yeah, I'd definitely take another class from Cat.  FYI (and mine) (note to check calendar): I noticed on her event schedule that she'll be teaching at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival and also for the Madison Knitters' Guild this fall.

And Ann.  She crackles cackles with it, too.  Heheheh.  What fun it was to have her here.  I've visited New York on adventures that were knit-related to some degree five times, now, as well as to Minneapolis -- and to Berkeley, Portland, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Toronto, Saskatoon, and countless other places in my head (not to mention the cross-country, cross-continental, knit-blog bus tour -- kind of like a Magical Mystery Tour with knitting) -- but this was my first opportunity to play hostess.  I think DH enjoyed it almost as much as I did; he certainly did his best to impress, including baking an apple pie while we were out on Sunday.  ; )  It was so much fun and all over much too quickly.  I can't wait to do it again.  Who's next?

Roxie accompanied me on a walk down to the garden last night:

Roxie loves spring, too!  

The bleeding hearts are explosive.

Bleeding Heart

I'd best save a little something for tomorrow!



I knew you'd have a good time - how could you not? I love Beth Brown Reinsel - have had several classes with her. So are you going to have the Cat Bordhi signature tatooed on? That's true fandom :-)


Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'd love to come visit you someday.


You're fairly crackling with "it", too. The classes sound awesome. First class teachers make you hunger for more. You really should have that signature tattooed (with a sock next to it). ;-)


Cat Bordhi is the keynote speaker and, presumably, one of the instructors at next year's Yarnover. Saturday, April 17. You could drive to my house first and we could go together. If you are interested...

Melissa V.O.

Oh! I am so jealous about your class with Beth Brown-Reinsel, one of her books was the first knitting book I ever purchased and I have been loving her stuff since. Also, from previous posts about your girls, I can't friggin' believe how much your daughters are growing into wonderful young women! When I was first reading your blog some years ago they seemed like such cool, whimsical kids still. They have really taken off (and seem to be catching up to my 28 years), I look at my three kids and totally see the years zipping by. There are a handful of moms with growing/grown children that I know in real life and in blogland that I look up to, hoping to have a similar relationship with my kids as they grow older, and you are definitely on that list.


Yes I'm jealous, too. Of all of it. And you know, you could come to Berkeley for real. Sometime soon?

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