Friday is good
Flat Stanley meets Ali, Oswald, book club, and Michael Perry; and some knitting

Quiet weekend... and busy


Do you see what I see?  GREEN GRASS... it's getting there, anyway!

My sister Ann brought the boys up for a visit on Friday/Saturday, taking a break from moving into a new house... and all that.  I wanted to show them the cool statues in the little park near the coffee shop, but they were much more interested in the adjoining deck overlooking the river and then, in quick order, the path leading down to the water.

The boys have been sleeping in their own room since the move.  There's a bunk bed and Mack's on top!  He loves it.  Addison is in-between; there's no more crib, but he's not quite in the "big" bed yet -- he's in one of those itty-bitty beds -- so soon, no doubt.  He's starting to talk and it's so cute.  I sure love those boys.  I'll be down there visiting in two weeks for a seminar and... visiting; actually, I've offered to babysit so mom & dad can get out for a bit.  I can't wait.

Ali and I went to Zumba on Saturday morning; there was a very engaging sub and I enjoyed it a lot.  Don't see myself getting back there before next week.  I'm getting plenty of exercise with the housecleaning, though, so not to worry.  I've always done my best work when company's coming; unfortunately, it's been a while.  My sisters used to count as company, but I think it was when I was working the 60- (average) to 99.75- (highest) hour/week job that I stopped that nonsense.  We used to have an open house every year, too, but haven't done that in a while, either.  So this is long-overdue and very, very good.  I'm quite happy to be getting some things done and, I'll tell ya, the best carrot-on-a-stick is the prospect of spending three days on the other side at a knitting seminar with a good friend + an extra bonus day for visiting!

Easter was low-key and quiet -- Mom & Joe brought over a ham, we grilled turkey burgers and steamed asparagus, Ali made my favorite naughty, naughty chocolate-caramel bars -- she got a late start, but I ate one anyway -- all chocolatey, gooey and warm.  I hope someone else eats the rest of 'em.



That's an adorable photo. You sound busy but happy.


Ooooo, I'd love one, please pass the naughty chocolate-caramel bars!!


I'm a huge fan of the "walking away" photos. They always make me pause to wonder just what you would catch in that 1/2 second if the subject turned around. Would you catch a smile? A tear? A surprise "scary" face? There's just so many ways that picture could go.


I wish I'd get off my arse and find a Zumba class. You make it sound like fun and exercising is much better when it's fun.

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