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24 April 2009

How about some garden variety eye candy?

The ground is still quite wet, but the bloodroot is blooming... what's a couple of wet knees and elbows?  The lower garden and path are riddled with them.  So lovely.  So fleeting.

Bloodroot blossom-keh



These colorful blossoms have brightened an indoor corner for a few years now.  This year, I "planted" them outside for an early, subtle hit of color in one of the pergola planters.

Clay flowers are blooming

Tomorrow is a catch-up day at home.  On Sunday, I'm heading south to visit Mack & Addison for the first time since the move!  I'll hang out with them on Sunday, find something to do with myself on Monday, attend a work-related event on Monday evening, and probably head home on Tuesday morning.  It's shaping up to be a pretty busy spring.  Have a great weekend!


I need to do some serious work in my gardens this year and add some spring bloomers - I'm so envious of everyone else's blooms!

The pictures are exceptional, as usual. Enjoy your weekend!

Beautiful pictures today. Have fun this weekend.

gardens are my plaground outside. i love all the blooms and greens coming out and filling up the garden. enjoy Vicki!

Oh my word, those photos are incredible.

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