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Vicki, Jesus, and Bokeh Grandma

Vicki, Jesus, and Bokeh Grandma

At Grandma's house -- maybe around March of 1962?  That looks about right... I'd be 3-1/2 going on 4.  We actually lived in St. Louis at the time, but my brother was born in Wisconsin while we were at my grandparents' house -- and I think this was probably then.

Oh, that house.  It was once a hospital.  I helped several years ago at a rummage sale there, when Grandma moved to assisted living, and SO many people came just to see the house.  One woman wanted to know where the "birthing room" was, because that's where she was born.  An older gentleman had a vivid recollection of walking up the back porch steps as a young boy to have his tonsils removed.

In this photo -- a Polaroid almost certainly taken by my dad -- Grandma's standing in the kitchen.  It was an ENORMOUS old kitchen, especially to my young eyes.  She must have run a marathon in there during holiday meal prep!  There was also a mangle, for some reason (which my mother now has), that always fascinated me.  The kitchen was remodeled several years after this photo was taken; a wall was put up and the kitchen made smaller.  Grandma did ceramics as a hobby, also teaching classes for many years, and at least one of the kilns was brought up from the basement to the smaller "pantry" area for convenience.  I think a freezer was in there, too.  Several more years later, after Grandma tripped on a pile of laundry on the basement floor and broke her hip, the freezer was displaced by the washer and dryer.

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Next week is going to be NUTS around here -- in a very fun and good way, but OMG, totally NUTS starting Monday!  There's something -- sometimes two things -- every single day!  Knitting, photography, more knitting, book club, knitting, book festival, knitting, cooking class, knitting!  I'm already starting to get antsy and freak out a little.  (Breathe in.  One day at a time.  Breathe out.  Om.)  I am so excited (and a wee bit nervous) to welcome Ann on Thursday for three days of visiting and knitting at the Midwest Master's Seminar!  (We're doing Aran Pullovers from the Neck Down on Friday, Twined Knitting on Saturday, and Houdini Socks on Sunday -- and we're both a little weirded out that there's absolutely NO HOMEWORK for ANY of our classes.)  Ann and I have a free day on Monday to relax and hang out before she catches a flight home on Monday night.  Oh, now I'm sad that it's going to be over so quick!  Om (again).



I can't wait!! are we sure we don't have any homework?


Lucky you to have Ann visiting. And wow - you do have a packed week coming up but it all sounds so fun. Is it just me or can anyone else see the laser beams coming out of Jesus' eyes in the picture?? Something came in my mail today that toched me all the way into my heart and warmed my soul. You have no idea what it means to me . . .


I also keep reminding myself to breathe! Great old photo, took me a minute after I read its title. Loved the photos of the house, where it looked like you could see the ghost of times past in the images.


Have a fabulous time!!


Boy do those classes look great. At least the week sounds like it's full of fun craziness, not weird work craziness. Hope you and Ann have a great time.

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