Quiet weekend... and busy
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Flat Stanley meets Ali, Oswald, book club, and Michael Perry; and some knitting

Flat Stanley (and Oswald) 

Flat Stanley has been to the coffee shop to hang out with Oswald...

Flat Stanley (focus on Ali)

...and Ali... who has a BIRTHDAY TODAY!!  Happy 22, sweetie!!  Mwah!!

He went to dinner with my book club, and then to a reading by author Michael Perry (whose books I love) as part of the Fox Cities Book Festival, and Mike was gracious enough to pose with Stanley...

Flat Stanley and Michael Perry

...after he signed my copy of his new book, Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting.  I also snagged (and had signed) Off Main Street.  My copies of Population: 485 and Truck: A Love Story were signed at last year's book festival reading.  Yeah.  I'm a fan.

I pick up Ann at the airport tonight at 5:30 and I'm not ready... and yet I'm blogging... that's how it is, huh?  I guess she'll be suffering some of my warts.

The knitting:  I started my Habu Lamb Wool Linen Jacket (Kit-70), which I've had for about a year and a half.  This is the back, even though it looks like a sleeve -- because technically, it is a sleeve -- because the back is knit sleeve-to-sleeve.  I was already to the casting-on-for-the-body portion once and had to rip back because I forgot the increases along the TOP of the sleeve.  I really love the Japanese patterns, but one does have to pay attention to ALL the charts and figures.

Back (Sleeve)

Sleeve with stitch markers

OK.  Going to get some stuff done...



Thanks for the Flat Stanley reminder! Have fun with Ann.


Ann loves you, warts and all. As do we all.


Flat Stanley is a cool dude. Happy Birthday Ali! Love the color of the jacket.


I didn't know Michael Perry had written FOUR books! Just requested the three I hadn't read -- thanks!


Hi Stanley!! Happy Birthday Ali - you look beautiful! Welcome Ann - have a fabulous time with Vicki!


Flat Stanley is having a great time! Happy Birthday, Ali! Have a GREAT TIME WITH ANN!!! (how could you NOT, honestly?!)

Kay - From the Back Yard

I have "Population 485" in my audiobooks but haven't started it. Thanks for posting this; I plan to listen soon.

Love the Habu color.


Happy birthday Ali! (I know I am way late with this). Your weekend sounds so great, I hope you have lots of fun. I loved Population 485 (living in a small town gives a certain appreciation and he is a fantastic writer) - I think I am kinda jealous of you Vicki!


Flat went on vacation with us in 1999 I think - he had a grand time in the White Mountains. (He traveled up from NJ.) Bonne Marie and her links are what drew me in as well...such a world!

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