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Doctor's orders: Eat cheesecake!

Afghan cap

I finally got this hat in the mail to my sister yesterday.  Hopefully, her hair will quickly start growing back and she'll soon think, "Wow, look how long my hair is getting," as I did when I saw this photo.

She had her big follow-up oncology appointment yesterday.  She said that she'd never seen the doctor so happy!  The radiation and chemo have done exactly what they'd hoped -- the lymph nodes are shrinking.  She didn't pick it up herself, but the friend who was with her at the appointment heard the doc use the word "cured."

I've never heard such relief in my sister's voice, nor so much hope.

She weighed in at 117 fully clothed yesterday.  Her esophagus is still very sore from the radiation, so eating and weight control has been a problem (as they knew it would be).  The doctor's orders, as soon as she is able, are to eat cheesecake, bacon & eggs, bread & butter, macaroni & cheese!

Yeah.  No April foolin'!!

Thank you.  Keep those good thoughts coming.



Jumpin' up and down and dancing for your sister!! That's fabulous news!


That's wonderful news! And what a great prescription to get from her doctor!!

Geek Knitter

Such happy news, a wonderful antidote to the headlines. Peace and strength to you all.


Fantastic! I'm sure that is a huge relief for you all. Thinking good thoughts!


I'm soooooo happy to hear the good news for both your sister and you.


So glad to hear the good news. (My doctor once upon a time prescribed a milkshake every afternoon, those were the days ;)


Most excellent news! Glad to hear it!

Peanut butter is also great for weight gainers too!


what wonderful news!! I too, will be thinking good thoughts!


I'm so glad to hear that! Sending good thoughts she continues to just get better, and better, and better.

Cheesecake sounds a lot better than Jell-O, I gotta admit!


That is great news! I prescribe ice cream!


Beautiful, in all respects. Thanks for the update.


Yippy! I'm so happy for all of you. Lots of celebratory hugs coming your way.


Vicki I am so happy for your sister - such fantastic news! That hat is freaking gorgeous and it will be so nice to wear while she is 'growing in,' and after.

Eating some high calorie comfort food sounds like a decent reward.


Great news!!! And that hat looks good on her. I am a big fan of wrapping my head up in novelty yarn scarves... like turbany things (but I don't have a need to do so, just a wacked out fashion statement of some sort, or to keep my growing bangs from making me too nutty).

My friend's husband found that when he ate food made with farm fresh eggs (especially butterscotch pudding), his blood counts/numbers were best. So make some cheesecake for sis w/ fresh farm eggs! And butterscotch!

Debbie(purlypig on Rav)

Hooray for your sister!!! Wonderful news for her. I love reading your blog. After reading I spend a lot of time admiring your photography.

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

That is fantastic news! So glad to hear she is doing well. And I know she will Love that hat!


Great news on your sister! At least being in America's Dairyland she can fatten up like a spring calf in no time! I recommend Culver's and Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, with a side of squeaky curds!

Steph VW

That's wonderful news! I love that word, "cured". My BIL is an ENT surgeon and I think it's his favourite word too.


what fabulous news about your sister!!!
So glad that you shared this with all of us - and fingers crossed that she gains her weight back quickly ;-)

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