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Creme Brulee Smile

If my eldest daughter is having something sweet to celebrate her birthday this year, it's probably not creme brulee at a restaurant with an Italian name in Neenah, WI. It's likely more on the order of tiramisu, cannoli, and/or gelato at a restaurant with an Italian name in Italy! ITALY!!

This is the third birthday that Katie is celebrating while travelling. Returning from a class trip to Washington, DC, in eighth grade, the pilot of the plane (on a tip from one of the chaperones) announced the event and the whole plane sang "Happy Birthday, dear Katie." And it was while on the last-leg "continental tour" portion of her study-abroad semester that she celebrated her 21st birthday collecting kisses in a Munich beer garden.

And now 24. Buon compleanno (I think), Katie! Happy, happy birthday!!

This is a trip long in the works -- something she and her friend Mollie agreed to do way back in high school -- to celebrate their graduations from college.

Katie left on Saturday morning and met Mollie in London. They'll travel to Florence and Rome together before returning to London, and then Mollie will fly home. Katie will then travel to Athens where one of our former neighbors is currently living. She'll return to London for a few days before returning home the first weekend in May.

Doesn't that sound like a lovely way to turn 24? I love you, honey! As if celebrating your birthday in Italy isn't enough, do something REALLY special and memorable today!



From me and my Katie to your beautiful Katie - Happy, happy, joy, joy!! Have a great trip and a wonderful birthday! XO XO!

As for the other half of that creme brulee - WANT!


Suggest that she go here: http://oilshoppe.blogspot.com/

Best sandwich I've ever had, and very inexpensive. Alberto is a genius.


Lovely! What a great sounding trip! I spent my honeymoon in Italy, and would love to get back there! Oh, to be young and free to travel again... sigh.

Happy birthday to your globe-trotter!


How fabulous! Happy birthday and safe travels!


Wowzers, what an adventure! HB2U, Katie!


Your daughter certainly knows how to live!! Happy Birthday and Happy Travels (safe, too), Katie!!

Wanda in AR

Happy 24th Katie.


Oh, jealous. That is how birthdays ought to be spent when you're turning 24.


Wonderfully exciting, though I know you miss the celebration in person that will come when she returns.


How wonderful!!! Oh, to be Katie right now!!!!

Steph VW

Italy! What a great place to spend your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Katie!


Buon compleanno is right :-)

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