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Tuesday 10 on Wednesday

At the library

I spent the most delightful afternoon with Addison yesterday -- just him and me.  He woke up (early) from his nap just as his mom and Mack left to see a puppet show.  It was clear that he wasn't going to fall back asleep (there went knitting time), so we cuddled and I answered his inquiries about "Where's Mommy?" "Where's Daddy?" and "Where's Mack?" -- which almost became a sing-song game as time passed -- and then we got down to serious business.  Eating cereal and fig cookies, playing trucks and cars, reading books (about trucks and cars), and taking pictures.  There is some FANTASTIC light at my sister's new house -- and just as fabulous is all the wall space.  Oh.My.

I helped with bath time and read bedtime stories to Mack.  He's starting to break out in seasonal freckles.  So darn cute.

The library in my sister's little town doesn't have wireless, so I drove over to Sun Prairie and, wow, this is one cool and very big library.  I've always pooh-poohed the notion of a new library in MY little town, but if it could be anything like this... though I'd still much prefer a large and tasteful addition/expansion, including the demo and replacement of the current rather small and not-so-tasteful addition.

Anyway, this is where I be.  My internet business has been taken care of and now I'm going to go in search of something to eat.  Seminar this evening.  Breakfast with Annie & The Boys again tomorrow morning, and then I'll head back home/back to work by noon tomorrow.

Oh, have had a couple of emails from Katie.  She's having a blast in Europe, though they missed their flight to Florence the day after arriving, so had an extra acclimation day on the front end, but one less day in Florence -- not to mention some added expense -- but it seems like they're going with the flow quite well and having a good time.  Katie also has a very sore foot -- possibly a stress fracture -- which made walking around Rome a little less enjoyable than otherwise, but I think that WALKING AROUND ROME kind of kept her mind off the pain.  She has been elevating her foot at every opportunity.  Her friend left yesterday and today Katie will be flying to Athens to visit our neighbor girl who is currently living there -- I think she might be taking it easy and relaxing a little more in Greece.  Then another few days in London and she'll be home.  I can't wait to hear all about it and see all the photos!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for the girls!  Birthday season has now concluded.  ; )  I have photos of Maddy's tattoo -- at her request, even -- but they're in the camera, which is not with me now.  That reminds me... I don't think I mentioned that I noticed a form Maddy recently filled out for school and in the area where it asked for her mother's occupation, she wrote "secretary and photographer."  Sweet.



Good libraries are worth their weight in gold. (That comment is for Carole, too.);-)
Love the chatty/catch up post.

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