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A new era begins

Happy Birthday, Maddy!

As of today, I am the mother of three adult children.  I'm not sure where the last 18 years went.  I'm sure the next 18 are going to go by even faster, as will the 18 after that and the 18 after that and the 18 after that -- not stopping to do the math, I might not even be alive then.  Anyway...

Happy Birthday, Madeleine!!  I love you so much.

Also as of today, all three of my girls will have tattoos.  Maddy wasted no time at all, making her appointment on the afternoon of the first possible day.  Heh.



Happy birthday, Madeline! What's the tattoo going to be?


Happy birthday Maddie! Awesome photo Vicki. You know you are one beautiful and talented woman who has three talented and beautiful women for daughters - you are truly blessed.


HB2U, Maddie! And congrats to you, Vicki, for producing such fine young women!

Kay - From the Back Yard

She's a very pretty gal; my wishes for many more happy birthdays!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Maddy!


She's beautiful and a fine young woman, too Vicki! You do good work in people and in photography. Maybe it's your turn for a tattoo, too.


Happy Birthday Maddy. Damn Vicki - you grow such beautiful girls!! Where and what for the tatt?

Wanda in AR

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Maddy!
Beautiful photos, Vicki!


Happy Birthday! Beautiful photograph.

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