Weekend update (with weather) (and pizza)

Yesterday, as an antidote to this:


I went on a search through the archives and found this:


Sunset on a summer evening (July 2008).  The weather is the hot topic this time of year, isn't it?!  We had about five inches of snow on the ground last night when all was said and done.  I was surprised this morning at how much ice there was under it all -- there must have been some "wintry mix" at the start.  And fog!  The sun is out, though (even if it's an hour "late"), and we'll see 40s by mid-week.


The weekend was pretty low-key.  Maddy dropped me off at the coffee shop around noon on Saturday and Ali made the most delightful flatbread pizza and had time to sit down and have some lunch with me.  It was a nice day, so I walked home.

I've started some deep cleaning/clutter-busting -- the current focus is magazines.  It's embarrassing to admit that I have back issues going back almost to the launch of a certain homekeeping magazine.  In order to keep from being overwhelmed, I've set a goal of 12 per day -- I check the table of contents and quickly flip through, pulling out recipes and other good things.  It's hard and I'm kind of sad about it and wonder if I'm doing the RIGHT thing...

I've had a couple of fits and starts on a new hat with my sister in mind, but I think I've found the groove.  It's another in the Afghani style, but cotton.  I hope I can make some progress tonight during the Dancing With the Stars season opener!



That pizza looks fabulous. I bet your walk home was so nice.


I had a nice "ahhh" moment with that sunset picture! And the pizza looks pretty good too. Yes, you are doing the right thing. Decluttering is GOOD!! Keep going!!


Oh, that pizza looks fabulous! Its fabulosity is amplified by the fact that I am hungry right now. Too bad I can't just eat the photo.

Steph VW

I struggled with getting rid of magazines, until I had a yard sale a couple summers ago. A guy from a local 2nd hand book store pounced on the few MS Living I had on the lawn. I never thought to sell them.

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