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Spring is springing!

Spring is Springing


Saw a thermometer reading 53F today -- it was smack-dab in the noon-day sun, but whatever.  It's been a long time.

I didn't make it to Madison this weekend -- I've made a few trips recently and there's a family thing NEXT Saturday, and no doubt a few more trips in the nearer future besides.  Plus, I didn't have a car yesterday.  We had a ceremonious driving of DH's old van to the junk yard last fall and haven't replaced it.  He takes me to work and Katie picks me up sometimes, or sometimes he takes the bus or rides a bike (bike weather is coming!) and it's been working out.  I'd take the bus if it didn't get me where I wanted to go a half-hour after I'm supposed to be there and, unfortunately, work is WAY too far to bike and also the route is mostly unsafe for biking.  It's inconvenient sometimes, but mostly not.  I don't miss the repair bills or stress over wondering what the next major thing will be.  We'll have to replace that vehicle in some manner, somehow, and soon -- art fair season is approaching.

Anyway... yesterday was a very quiet day at home with no wheels and plenty to do!  I processed some photos that have been waiting, did some cleaning and laundry.  It was good.

Today was errand day!  I had a few things to pick up -- ingredients for Fish Chowder a la Carole, a few items at Target, a stop at Goodwill.  The Fish Chowder garnered rave reviews from my toughest critics.  It was completely yummy.  Thanks Carole!



It's always bike season for us, but I'm happy the rest of you will be joining me soon! Hope the wheel situation gets resolved soon for you.


I love days when I get to just stay home. I'm glad you all liked the fish chowder!


Yay! Spring is popping up everywhere and it's about time.


Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking a random question, but what sort of camera do you use? I'm loving your photos, especially the macro shots and curious about how you achieve such great clarity and light tones. Apologies if you've blogged about this before, best wishes, Amy


when did the new header appear? love it!

Cindy D

Eye candy pics! Thanks for the spring lift.

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