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Not your average bear

Vicki and Yogi...

"Vicki and Yogi on Mom's new chair," ca. 1961... St. Louis?  I'll bet Mom would remember when -- certainly where -- she bought that chair.

That's a true black-and-white Polaroid -- my dad took LOTS of Polaroid photos when we were kids.  It was a pretty big camera and the case was HUGE!  I used to love watching them develop, of course, but there was also a little spongy-squeegee thing that he'd use to apply fixative or something and I used to love the smell of that stuff.  I loved the smell of gasoline wafting through an open window when I was a kid, too.  And I liked eating butter straight up, and the crispy fat on a grilled steak and, apparently, aspirin, as I had my stomach pumped not once (baby aspirin) but TWICE (Anacin -- the real stuff) as a kid.  But I digress...  Anyway, fixed or not, you can see some funky stuff happening on the Polaroid specimen above -- that's tame compared to some.


My interest in gadgets for picture and sound is definitely from my dad, though he's probably better at getting them to consistently work.

Happy Weekend!!



In my one year old picture I wore a dress much like was red. Love the self portrait of you (all of them, in fact).


I love that photo! And I see a resemblance between that little girl and you today!


It's a great picture! And thank you, because inadvertently or not, you just participated in my "post pictures of yourself as a kid" meme...


You were adorable, and you are very lucky that your parents took lots of photos. Mine didn't, and I also didn't take enough of Abigail growing up. I'm very sad about that.


Definitely a resemblance. Look at the kidlet smile and the right-hand adult. I really like those inadvertently-candid shots.

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