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Noggin noshin'


Noggin, with the addition of "I-cord" and a pompom, in Dale of Norway "Sisik" (color #167).  It was a little tedious to knit that long cord (in the round, even), but I sure love the result.  I followed the Noggin specs for the newborn-to-3-month size, making the crown a bit shorter than written.

Hat trick

I finished the second Afghani Cap the other day -- the one with mods that kinda worked, kinda not -- I'll do a better shoot and write-up of that one. I had a little international hat trick trifecta goin' on yesterday, what with the little Noggin in Dale of Norway "Sisik" yarn and the two Afghani Caps in Canadian Handmaiden "Ottawa."  It made me smile that I'd think of "hat trick"... I'm not even into hockey... everything I know about hockey I learned from Love Story and Miracle.

La Brioche

Turns out Deb was right last week when she said that "you don't have to be retired to drive two hours for lunch"!  That's exactly what I did yesterday.  Mom and I drove down to Madison to meet my sister after her radiation appointment.  Katie suggested La Brioche presents True Food and it was perfect -- a very interesting bakery and restaurant!  We were seated in the "slow chi" part of the restaurant and enjoyed a nice, relaxing lunch. The hastily shot photo above shows the transition from medium chi to slow chi -- there is also a fast chi part. The care and attention to placement and appointments are evident, and it was quite lovely. The food was delightful. I devoured a spinach omelette with chevre and roasted tomatoes accompanied by a nice salad of spring greens with vinaigrette and french bread.  We had Tres Leche Cake for dessert (split tres ways). I had never heard of Tres Leche Cake before LAST NIGHT when, by very strange coincidence, I caught a portion of an Alton Brown show on the Food Network about milk!  (Alton's recipe is linked above at "Tres," another by Emeril Legasse is linked at "Leche."  I haven't tried either... perhaps I'll try both!)  Yum. I think it's my new favorite -- rich and moist, yet very light, and sweet.  And not La Leche Cake as I was mistakenly telling the girls at book club last night...  That's so very different.


My sister, by the way, is doing well.  As of this morning she has a completely bare little noggin.  She had it shaved off pretty close last Friday after it started falling out, but even the little stubble continues to fall (who would think of that?) and so another friend was going to shave it completely today.  She has a terrible burn in the collarbone area from the radiation (again, who knew?) and her esophagus is quite irritated (that side effect of radiation, at least, I had read about!); other than feeling quite fatigued at times, she's hanging in there and hasn't really experienced any sickness or nausea -- fingers crossed for more of the same and that she gets through the next round of chemo likewise.

I took the two Afghani Caps down for her to try on.  She'd mentioned seeing the first on my blog and that she really liked the shape -- not so form-fitting, clingy, and skullcap-ish.  Being on the brink of spring, however (YAY!), the wool is a bit much, so I'd like to stop at the LYS tonight and see if there's a nice soft something more spring-into-summer that I can use.  It's a pattern that I enjoy knitting and I'm having fun with all the experiments.

Shall I save a little somethin' for tomorrow?  I feel like I could go on and on today.  I do believe I've turned a little corner -- I had a great day yesterday -- and even while it seems like parts of the world are falling down around me -- even right ON me -- I feel strong and I see light and I think I'm gonna get there.



I'm SO glad you drove the two hours for lunch. Sounds like it was good for your soul. There is a word for two random occurances of something new two you in a short period of time - it's right on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of it ...darn. I'll remember it and yell it to you!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Hang in there Vicki! Sending you positive thoughts (for your sis too). The new banner and the red hat are wonderful.


Good for you, I'm glad you made it around the corner. Tell your sister she's in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Loving the photos.


Might the promise of Spring in those buds be giving you hope and strength?


The new banner is so you! Winters end is near, spring is on the doorstep. The day with your mom and sis sounds like a nice respite for you all. Sending more good thoughts to you all.


The new banner is really cool and "arty" I love it. Good wishes to you & your sister - I recently knit with some Crystal Palace Bunny Hop that is very soft, contains no wool & washes well - Would likely make a great yarn for another hat or 2.


...and soon that winter jasmine will actually bloom. Glad things are looking up.

Personally, I associated 'hat trick' with the rodeo, not hockey, but I grew up in the West and Southwest.

Elinor White

I just found you by accident this afternoon. I was so happy to read about your sister's experience thus far. My husband and I are fans of your sister's work and I spoke to her by phone just before she started her treatments. We don't know her well enough to call and check on her so this was such welcome news. Thanks. I'll keep track on your site now.

Elinor & Michael St. Louis, MO

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