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Noggin noshin'


I gave this little Oddfellow to Ali on her birthday almost three years ago.  She named him Oswald and, for the longest time, he rode shotgun in her New Beetle.


He's got a new job now, presiding over the box of punch cards at the coffee shop.  Right there on the counter, he greets everyone with his brilliant orange smile.

I did a little barista training with Katie at the coffee shop last night while Ali ran an errand.  It probably won't happen too often, but my help will likely be needed there on occasion -- plus I'd just like to learn -- I raised three baristas, it seems like making a latte is something I should know.  Katie taught me how to pull an espresso shot and how to steam milk.  To practice, I made myself a double 12-oz. caramel praline latte and a mocha (decaf, of course).  I also made (or assisted in making) a vanilla steamer and a couple of hot chocolates for some customers.



C'mon - go ahead! Quit your day job!! You know you want to. Think of how much fun you'd have there ......


Hey, it's never too late to learn a new career....at least that's what I keep telling myself.


Okay, I am coming right over for one of those whing-ding-dilly thingies you made for yourself -- it sounds scrumptions!


It's like having a little piece of you there with her all the time! I bet it's fun making those coffees but I bet it's confusing, too!


Oswald is a wonderful mascot! I'd love to learn to make a perfect latte. What a nice diversion for you.


Cute little guy. And I love your new header!


Ohh, caramel praline and a mocha? Good things to perfect! I always liked making mint mochas and hazelnut mochas...yum!

The drinks are about all I miss about being a barista- that and regular customers. Getting up at O-darkhundred? Not one bit.

Great mascot, and good luck to her business! I'd swing by if it were my local coffeehouse!

And I like the new top of your blog- nice!


Nice header.

It sounds like Ali has made a good start on the business. It's always good to have trained and cheap help on stand by for emergencies. Expect most emergencies to happen on a Saturday you had planned to do nothing special or very early in the morning after you stayed up late fiddling with something non-essential.

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