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Weekend update (with weather) (and pizza)


Guess what? We're in for some fun springtime weather today -- in the form of snow -- 6 to 8 inches, last I heard; I haven't bothered with a morning update. What-frickin-ever!

My lone and ancient apple tree is hard to get to and of questionable health, so I pruned the hibiscus tree by the garage -- the branches grow every-which-way, so it was good.

I'm makin' my own damn spring!



We have ice down here. :P

I think your idea is a good one!


That'll show Mother Nature! Go Vicki!


Snow? Snow?! Both you and Cathy-Cate said there was snow in the forecast, but my forecast just says rain on Monday afternoon.

I am gonna believe my forecast. Enjoy your "...own damn spring!" (What a good idea!)


I just downloaded an app on my BlackBerry for The Weather. But I am not even going to LOOK at the forecast. Head in sand, that's me.


They don't say march is the cruelest month for nothing.
You got snow so we got snow.
Love the new banner.


I'm in denial. I have my hands over my ears and just plain old not gonna accept that we are getting 5 inches of snow tomorrow. Nope - not gonna happen!

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