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Mud Pie 1993

I'm a member of a Flickr group called "When We Were Young."  I've posted a few photos, mostly from the mid-60s when I was under 10, but I guess the mid-90s and age 35 can be interpreted as "young" when you're 50.  Heh.  Look, ma!  Shoulder pads!  Humongous plastic-frame spectacles!  Bangs!  One chin!  I'm thin (even though I'm certain I thought I was not!)!

That's Maddy, 2, wearing a white sweatshirt and serving me mud pie.  I love her sweet, sweet face.  That sweatshirt was a hand-me-down that was also worn by Ali -- and I think maybe even Katie -- and for some reason I'm thinking it was something I redeemed with "diaper points."  Whatever poly-acrylic fabric it was made from, it was indestructable and ALWAYS came clean, white as snow!

The snow is melting!  We had horrid-for-March windchill (below zero) yesterday, but it's warming up right through the weekend.  I'm officially calling it SPRING because the street department was ON MY STREET this week PATCHING BIG-ASS POTHOLES!  We've been kind of zig-zagging the first block the past couple of weeks and have been running out of zig-zag room.  WooHOO!

Busy week next week.  It will officially be officially spring on Friday -- which is also my 5th Blogiversary!  Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day and also Michael's birthday and also the day I smoked my last cigarette four years ago, which makes Wednesday the 4th anniversary of the Quit!  Joining me in that celebration are my sister Karen and founder of the Cold Turkey Club, my wonderful friend Ann!

There's a new baby in blogland!!  There's no official post up as of this writing, but Baby Boy Bookish has arrived!!!  Congratulations to Wendy & Rob & Sophia!!  I have always had a huge soft spot for babies and have found myself recently being a little reflective and completely awed by the "babies" in blogland.  There have been a lot of 'em born in five years -- sometimes two and three at a time!!  I can't believe how fast they grow up on the blog!

Happy Weekend!!



You take the prize for most information in one post! The 17th is a remarkable day for you and your family in so many ways. What a great week ahead!


Wow, those are two big milestones next week! I can't believe we have been at this for 5 years (my anniversary was back in December - don't think I even noticed it!). Hope you have some happy celebrations next week!


I love that old photo. And I saw the pictures of the new bookish baby - so excited for them!
Congrats on those upcoming milestones, Vicki.


I'm so envious of all your old photos. There are so few in my family, and we continue to take so few.


Wow, you have a whole week of celebrations ahead of you. Great way to usher out winter and welcome spring!


Vicki, you were beautiful then and you are beautiful now. Chins or no chins!!!! :)

theresa/t does wool

first...good that you have stopped the smoking,and those shoulder pads...i thought they looked good on me back then :)
happy blogiversary


What a whole stashload of anniversaries! Congrats on all of them. If you could reproduce that sweatshirt material you could make a killing. I winced when you said Maddy was feeding you mud pies because I had seen she was wearing a light color. Miracle stuff, that; it will probably be around when we are petroleum and the the only other remnant of our existence is the detritus of plastic.

Bookish Wendy

I can't believe it has been FOUR yrs since you quit! You guys rock-I remember it like it was yesterday!

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