Random Wednesday, the clean edition w/FO
Zoom zoom

...during... and after!

Spice-keh  Depression glass measuring cup

I threw out a lot of old spices and empty jars yesterday.  I kind of shudder when I think how old some of that stuff was.  And you would not believe how many EMPTY spice jars I had!  Ten or twelve of them?  WTF?

I have a pretty nice collection of green Depression glass, but it all started with measuring cups and mixing bowls -- the utilitarian items that my grandmothers would have used daily in their kitchens.  No doubt they had some serving pieces, but the everyday stuff is what drew me in.  I had a pretty big weakness for measuring cups with three spouts.  Most of my glass is made by Hazel Atlas (I had to narrow my focus somehow!) and marked with an HA that many people mistakenly think is the mark for Anchor Hocking.  I haven't bought a new piece in years.  I broke the lid to my everyday butter dish the other day, though, and yesterday I broke the ill-fitting clear piece that I was using as a replacement, so who knows...

Cookbooks  Nitty Gritty

I put two old WW cookbooks in the "get rid of" pile -- I never did use them much -- and kept the one that has always been my favorite (even though I haven't made anything from it in a long, long time).  The cookbooks from Nitty Gritty Productions were probably the first two I ever bought for myself!  The vegetable book has always been my go-to quick reference for general information.

Smart cooking  Cookbooks

The Adelle Davis book landed in my collection with marriage -- I've never read it.  The "Smart" books were added with kids and I may have made a few things.  I use the Household Hints for references a few times a year, usually.  As far as Wild Plants, I've eaten young fiddlehead ferns, cattails, and certain fungi (other than mushrooms) -- it was a long, long time ago and I did not forage alone.  I think my dad and his brothers all wanted to grow up and be Grizzly Adams or something.

I had to have a book entitled "How To Cook."  The plaid books are "All About Home Baking" by General Foods, c. 1933. One of them was my maternal grandmother's, the other three I picked up -- intending to give them either to my sister's or to my daughters. I can't decide, so I still have all four. If you happen to have copy of "The Tillamook Cookbook," I did the typesetting.

365.107 / Cupboard (during)  Cupboard shelf

There was a lot of up and down the stepladder -- and I felt it in my butt and thighs last night!  The shelves were definitely dusty.  This is the very tippy-top shelf and those top shelves get it the WORST!  It's not only dust... it's the kind adhered to the surface with grease.  Yucky, I know.

Cupboard (after)

Voila!  After -- clean and organized.  There's even some empty space!



Good work! That is one beautiful cupboard and you must feel great!


Actually, I thought it looked fairly tidy BEFORE! Now you have me intrigued... a three spouted measuring cup? You'll have to put up a pic, and possibly explain WHY.


Well done you! It looks fantastic. Ditto on the "what is a three spouted measuring cup and why" question!

Geek Knitter

My mother collects depression glass. Lovely stuff, isn't it?

I believe you may have inspired me!


It looks wonderful. It must feel great to have it done!


Gorgeous! It must be spring!


The cabinet looks great, now. How brave of you to have a glass front cabinet.
I've been decluttering, too. I did the spare bedroom aka my closet yesterday. I can now see the hardwood floors!


it must feel great to have everything organized, cleaned and sorted! well worth the ladder.

Queen of DIY

It looks like everyone is doing this! lol I just put up a post on my blog about my pantry organization/clean out too. How funny! It feels good to have that extra room. I put my paper towels that we get from Costco on the top shelf because I can never reach it either, but I don't have to get those as often as other things.


Your pantry looks beautiful. It is so intriguing to see someone else's pantry. :D I'll add my voice to a request for more information on your green glass collection. I have two of the three-spouted measuring cups..one in pink and one in green. They are fun.


I see the spring cleaning fever is spreading. I have it bad this year. I'm getting rid of a storage locker we've had for years, selling or giving away a lot of stuff. I sold our 20 year old freezer yesterday. Tomorrow more stuff goes. I feel pounds lighter without having to diet!


Those cabinets look ready for their debut on Martha's show! Good work.


Every time I see you do something like this, I want you to come ovahmyhouse and rearrange. You, together with my cleaning lady. And I could just sit and watch with wonder as the place transforms!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Looks gorgeous! I bet it was really satisfying, too. And I love the cabinet.


Gratifying indeed!


Woohoo - it looks great. Believe it or not, some of those old spice containers (and not so old spice containers) have a retail value on ebay. I bought one. I should have just called you.

Enjoy your new clean look. I bet it feels great to look at that lovely cupboard now.

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