When in doubt, knit squares
Doctor's orders: Eat cheesecake!

10 Things on My To-Do List

A 6" knitted square

1.  Knit some more squares for Luke's blanket, making sure they're 5-inchers this time.  ; )  I knit two last night, but they both want to be 6-inch squares after washing.  I'll save them for something else.

2.  Fix the downstairs drip from the upstairs tub.

3.  Finish going through the Living mags.  I've shared a few Good Things with Ali that she's using at the coffee shop -- some cute folded paper pockets for holding bagels and cookies, pinwheels for spring!

4.  Sew together Oblique.

5.  And Maddy's sweater.

6.  And Mom's Habu sweater.

7.  Start my Habu sweater.

8.  Have a rummage sale this spring and get rid of all the stuff I've been cleaning out.

9.  Do some more cleaning out.

10.  Work hard on losing some weight and building more strength.  I have felt utterly trapped and pretty darn useless these past four days after throwing out my back on Saturday morning.  I have done this before, but it has been quite a while.  Damn waste of some good days off.  It's getting better, little by little.  The only good thing is that I've been catching up on rest.  I've been sleeping in -- and I took a nap yesterday!

Ten on Tuesday.



Ambitious! I hope that isn't the to-do list just for today - I think that will take a little doing! Also, add in there take a moment to breathe and smell the roses - you deserve it.


It's really funny because I was looking at that square and thinking either mine are too small or yours are too big! Glad you clarified and good luck making smaller squares.


That's quite a list. Good thing you listened to your body and did some resting.


Now I need a nap after reading your list!


Oh, boy. The back thing: yes, me too. It didn't dawn on me 'til you mentioned it, but I had The Back Thing immediately followed by This Cold, and it's been, as you say, A Damned Waste Of Good Days Off. :O



Just de-lurking over here to offer you a suggestion on the back-thrown-out-thing. I had a herniated disc in my lower back for a few years (wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy - it hurts like HELL!) and I can now say that I have not had an "episode" in over 2 years. My secret? Well, I saw a physiotherapist (they teach you what you did wrong, what needs strengthening, how to avoid doing it again, and how to fix it if/when you do do it again) and I started ashtanga yoga. The yoga is miraculous. I used to hate the idea of going and it took going through two consecutive weekends of bed-ridden agony to get me there. But the results speak for themselves. Now, my mom goes, my husband goes and I'm getting my sister involved.

The best news is that it also helps with your moods, your energy levels, your sleep, your stress and your digestion.

You may want to give it a chance. You have nothing to lose...


That square still looks damn good Vicki! Your list is ambitious - sorry I had moment there being engrossed by your Vickr Flickr (very cool).

I really feel the trapped part. I am with you on the purging of stuff; doing lots of that myself - feels liberating.

I can't wait to see Oblique.

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