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26 February 2009

Yesterday's Flowers

Things are sucking big time at the moment.

TGTIF = Thank god tomorrow is Friday.
With the prediction of 6-10" of snow, perhaps it'll even be a snow day.

Stop and smell the flowers. Um. These particular ones didn't really smell. They were up at the coffee shop yesterday. I took a few photos while waiting for my mom, her sisters, and their husbands to meet me for lunch. The relatives drove over from Marshfield for the afternoon. Well, basically for lunch. You can do that when you're retired -- drive two hours to go out to lunch.


Sending positive thoughts your way. However, I wish they did more good.

Pretty flowers - hope things get better quickly!

Only 2 hrs from Marshfield? I'll be there in July :)

Sending lots of {{{{HUGS}}}} and hopes that things get better really soon.

Those are mums, not a particularly good-smelling flower. Pretty though, like you said. Do you want me to keep the snow here? or do you want a snow day? Your choice :-)

Oh honey - you don't have to be retired to drive two hours for lunch!

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