January Photo Walk
Baby, it's cold outside!!

Treasures on a Tuesday

There was a small package from my aunt in the mail yesterday.  She'd been scanning photos from some of Grandma's old albums and burned them to CD.

Oh my.


I will bet one million dollars that we're all sucking on Tootsie Pops!  My grandparents owned an oil distributorship and there was ALWAYS a box of Tootsie Pops on the front seat of the big Deep Rock truck in the driveway.  It looks like we're standing in the middle of the road, and it took me a little while to realize that we're standing on the sidewalk at the end of our grandparents' driveway.  My mom was probably just pregnant with our youngest sister when this photo was taken.  I'll bet another million dollars that Mom made our dresses.  I love how we're ALL so color coordinated -- Michael sure made a big mess on his shirt, though.


Here we are with said grandparents, two cousins, and an uncle -- we three girls in matching, made-by-mom outfits again.  I'm not sure where this photo was taken.  My grandmother -- the grandmother of SIX at the time (soon to be seven) -- is the same age in this photo that I -- the grandmother of ZERO -- am now.  I cannot even imagine...  Isn't my uncle cute?  He's only 10 years old than me (the eldest of the grandkids), and was always just a big kid to us.  He still is.  Uncle Duck.


And we six, at what appears to be high noon, with our Great Grandpa Sutton.  Always a bit sensitive to the sun, I'm on the left.  Um.  And while it looks Mom didn't make our clothes, we three sisters are still pretty matchy-matchy.  Okay, very matchy-matchy.  GG'pa was our grandmother's dad and he always lived with them as far as I knew; GG'ma died before I was born. He was about 81 in this photo, and lived to 92.  I was a little big a'scared of him.  Too bad.



Thank you for sharing these photos and the stories. What treasures!


What fabulous pictures! We three (even when we become four) sisters also had matching outfits for special occasions. Maybe I should find some "old" pictures to share.


What a treasure to have those photos!


Nice pics! I'm gonna fish out the matchy photos of me and my baby (8 years younger) sister. Oh the horror of having to match a baby!


What a great gift!


What a great gift! All six of us were matchy-matchy at many times in our young lives. I remember some sailor-suit type of outfit that was particulary precious. Do you see your girls in you and your sisters? I do!!


Oh, Vicki, those are just WONDERFUL.

Julia in KW

My sister and I were often wearing the same outfits (just several sizes different) and the brothers were often dressed similarly, too! What really got me was that we all (my family and yours!) all got our bangs cut at the same hairdresser (if that was your MOM!)...Amazing what a piece of scotch tape across your bangs will do?
Lovely, sweet photos! How wonderful to have them...j


What great photos. I love all the handmade matchy-matchyness.

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