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I kept seeing shots similar to this last week on so many of my Flickr contacts' photo streams. I recall shooting my knitting box -- that very same one (top left) and blogging it four or five years ago (in my early blogging days) -- though not quite so, um, laid out and open... or organized. I tried a couple of times during the week to do it, but the light wasn't right or I didn't grab a big enough surface on which to lay it all out, or something. I added a bunch of notes on the Flickr page about stitch markers, bread closures, Chibis, and Heinz pickle pins, among other things.

What's in your work bag/box?



Nice layout! I have four ditty bags that are each fully equipped with stitch markers and scissors and measuring tape and needle sizer and Chibi and anything else I might need. Then every project OTN has its own tote bag, equipped with a ditty bag. Lately I have been doing small projects that fit into my Emergency Knitting bag, which is also fully equipped. I love having all the tools right at hand ALL THE TIME.


Well no one can accuse you of not being prepared. LOL Love the birth control - I mean calculator.


I love tools. Ans storage boxes. They make everything seem so organized and official. Plus many are just lovely in their own right.

Still, I just went through and purged all my little tool kits of the things I don't use. I also have multiples and add one to each current ptoject so I'm always ready to go.

But, I think I need to look for a pickle pin for mine.


Great picture. My cousin sent me a Heinz pickle pin many, many years ago. Wish I still had it! lol


I love that little Clinique bag. And the bell shaped needle identifier.


I just spilled mine all over the inside of a basket. Might be a good time to organize, clean and photo it!


Oh, what a great photo. It reminds me of those Dorling Kindersley books that I love so much....

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ooo, I like this!

I have about 4 different versions of a knitting box though and often the things that should be in each place have migrated elsewhere. I really need to work on that. It would save so much time.


That is so cool. I don't think I could ever lay my knitting stuff out in such an organized manner. It's a great thought. I think it's interesting to see what other people have in their bags. My friend uses rubberbands from the orthodontist as st markers. That might be your next addition! Great photo.


Wow, what a nice shot! I didn't do so well... and I am not as well-equipped either. There's some good stuff in there, grrl.

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