Sharin' the love

TGIF! Busy weekend ahead.

It's true. I do look "serious and concentrate-ful," as kmkat pointed out yesterday, in so many of the self-portraits I've taken -- 70 so far! Katie looked at them the other day and said that I even looked MAD in a couple... and she would know that look! It's a weird thing to do, these daily self-portraits, and especially now when the days are still short and the light not so good and the landscape rather blah; my creativity is rather blah, too. It's also a great exercise. I didn't didn't realize how often I do a little "I'm amused" half-smile thing with only the right side of my mouth. In this photo, I was trying to look the opposite of "serious and concentrate-ful."

Katie picked me up from work last night and we met Ali and Kevin at Home Depot to affirm color choices and buy paint -- six gallons of four different wonderfully rich colors, plus a gallon of tinted primer, along with some pans, rollers, brushes, and dropcloths. This is part of Ali's Big (Colorful) Adventure -- therefore, an adventure for us all -- that will commence tomorrow with a painting party at the coffee shop that she is taking over as of... tomorrow! It will be closed all weekend as we paint, clean, spiff, refurnish, and help her realize her vision and step closer to her dream. She originally hoped to purchase the business and the building, then just the business -- neither of which happened -- but this is how it's working out for now. A little lesson in never give up.

Stay tuned. And have a great weekend.



Beautiful SP, Vicki! Sounds like a fun weekend, too.


Congratulations to Ali!! Here's to success! I'll be a daily virtual customer.
Your self-portraits have given us (me) only a tiny glimpse of insight into who you are. And in fact, the more you reveal your outer self the more curious I am of what you're thinking. In other words, I'm enjoying them immensely.


Can not wait to hopefully see the results of Ali's hard fought battle - and your painting party too

Have a wonderful weekend!


Yay for Ali! I am looking forward to seeing your photos of the coffee shop in progress... and all those beautiful rich colors!


Good luck to Ali; and good painting and work to all of you!


So excited for Ali! Have fun with your painting party!


You look lovely in the photo--very European. My teenager noted, when we lived in Spain, that the Spaniards and Europeans never smiled for photos.


I'll say you are very brave posting all these self portraits. I dread having my picture taken, I look so odd in them. (The family agrees so it's not just me)
Go Ali!


Good for Ali - and a lesson for all of us!

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