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Shawl on four needles

Making progress. Closing in on the end, in fact. I'll likely finish the knitting by mid-week. (Hm. Then what? Must consult the project queue.)

The stitches are on three needles and I'm working with a fourth; as shown, I'm half way through a row. It's working out quite well. I knit a helluva lot faster on straights than circs and I'd NEVER be this far if I'd used them instead. There are a challenging few stitches at each change of the needle, but nothing that makes me wish I'd done it the other way.

To each their own, of course. I'm doin' it my way.



That actually looks linda fun that way! And it's really pretty - the colors!


Very interesting, Vicki! It seems easier to actually "see" your progress. Use what-ever works for you! I love the shawl and the pattern. It is on my soon-to-do list.




Whatever floats your boat! It looks fabulous.


Awesome shawl. Love the colors.


I am a circular girl myself, but if that works for you then I say go for it. Love the way the colors are coming out.


And she did it .....

Just thought I'd provide the soundtrack!

Bet you knit in a different style than I do, for straights to be that much more efficient for you -- I'll be curious when we finally meet IRL! Can't come to Neenah this year, boo. I hope next year maybe I can come and you'll be in town at least....

You go, girl! It looks great!

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