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Katie had at least a half-dozen false starts with this scarf.  There were requirements of design (namely, suitable length) that needed to be reconciled with available quantity of yarn.  It's Malabrigo, purchased locally a couple of years ago, but that's all I know at the moment.  She thinks she may still have a ball band.  She settled on a simple drop-stitch pattern on large-ish needles and I'm having a hard time finding just the right word to describe it; glorious and magnificent are not words I commonly use, but they're among the first to pop into my head.  Spectacular, too.

K's Malabrigo Scarf (detail) Katie's Malabrigo Scarf

It is positively balmy outside today.  A well-chosen and attractive scarf may be all that's needed.  I'm outta here!

ETA:  Pattern details!  I am certain that it’s Malabrigo, nearly certain that it’s Aquarella, and pretty darn sure that the colorway is Soriano (it is absolutely gorgeous).  She used a simple drop-stitch pattern and the recipe goes something like this:

3 hanks of Malabrigo (probably Aquarella)
US11 needles

Cast on 18 sts and knit a few rows in garter stitch.

Row 1:  K1, wrap three times repeat across, K1.
Row 2:  Knit across, dropping the wraps between stitches.

Repeat until desired length (leaving enough yarn for fringe, if desired); knit a few rows in garter; cast off.



That's beautiful. I'm still waiting for our warm up.


Absolutely stunning. The colors are perfect for Katie and she wears the scarf well!




That is gorgeous!!! The colorway look similar to their Stonechat.


YaY! for warmer weather and a beautiful scarf on your beautiful daughter!


What great colors! The scarf... her hair...


It's like it's a part of her! Beautiful!


wow, i love that! what size needle do you think?


I really love that scarf! Do you have a pattern link, or did she just wing it?


Gorgeous scarf! The colour and texture remind me of cedar bark.

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