Can I be engaging...
TGIF! Busy weekend ahead.


Katie wanted to go to Target last night because she needed to get a watch for work.  I wanted refills for my Reach flosser -- bad because they're disposable, good because I have a small mouth and tight teeth and, hello, I used them.  (I still haven't climbed back aboard the elliptical -- wish I didn't hate exercising so much -- but I have continued to FLOSS!)  Anyway, I returned some fireworks that weren't really fireworks, too.  I'd purchased them for New Year's Eve, but found some others that really WERE fireworks instead, so these have been rolling around in the back of my car for... almost a month and a half.  Yeah.  To be honest, I've hardly even been to Target since then.

I was in need of a little retail therapy.  I really wanted one of Caro's DSLR straps and clicked on every single one over there this morning -- alas, almost all are sold out.  I'm a complete poser in the SplitYarn in the Wild Flickr group, by the way, but I have made note of the next shop update on my calendar and aim to make amends.

So.  I did find a long-sleeve black T-shirt, which I need like a hole in the head, but for $3.24 I could not say no.  Plus it does have an interesting and different treatment at the cuff.  I also found a patterned T-shirt -- color would have been better than pattern, but pattern is good -- and a long cardigan (shown above with the patterned T-shirt and a "Fun With Photoshop" treatment) which is actually a Liz Lange Maternity piece, but I rip all the tags out of my clothing prior to wearing and will probably forget that little detail before long.

We left Target without a watch for Katie.  She found some cute pants, though.

I'm off to Madison with Mom today.  We're meeting my sister at University Hospital where itis Day 3 of her rigorous chemo/radiation treatment schedule.  I'll be delivering a nice, soft hat.



Love the look of your new duds and love the photoshop treatment. Sending good thoughts for your sister.


Fun foto.

Very best wishes to your sister.

Geek Knitter

Gentle hugs to your sister and to you.


Those straps are great! Bummer that they're nearly sold out. If you're still looking, this Etsy shop has awesome camera straps:

My brother got me one for Christmas. I love it so much, and now I want to buy more, because those snaps make it so easy to change them.

I should add that I'm not at all affiliated. Just a happy recipient of one of their products.


Love the photoshop treatment.

The new duds look great!

Well wishes to your Sister.


Good thoughts to your sister. Great new clothes! I am enchanted by your self-portraits where you always look so serious and concentrate-ful. (Is so a word, I just used it.)


What a great shot of you in your new duds! Photography is such fun and so vast too.

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