Winter is dead to me
Treasures on a Tuesday

January Photo Walk

I met up with some local Flickr peeps for a winter photo walk at a local park yesterday. I'd met a couple of them last October at the fall get-together, and was very happy to meet a few more! And YAY! Marci's a KNITTER!!

IN OTHER NEWS: We celebrated my Mom's birthday (29, again!) yesterday by going out for coffee and having a nice visit. We also gave her a digital photo frame, similar to the one we gave Dad for Christmas, and I loaded some photos (many more to go).

And MORE GREAT NEWS: KATIE HAS A JOB!! WooHOO! She interviewed last week for a new book store opening in the area and had VERY good vibes. Honestly, even while trying not to jinx things by being too hopeful, she was walking on air! She was supposed to hear by Wednesday, and they called already yesterday morning. It's full time with bennies and they don't mind at all that she'll be gone to Italy & Greece for two weeks in April!

Happy Pajama Day!!



My mom's been 23 for... well, for a long time!


Congrats and hurrah for Katie!


It sounds like a great weekend! I'm trying to decide whether to stay in my jammys or to go to the Phooey on Phootball party.


Hooray for Katie!


Yayyyy for Katie! Such beautiful photos.

I just got back from the gym. Have to hit the shower and get back in my robe. :)

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