Shawl on four needles

Can I be engaging...

...without being engaged? Or is that like having my cake and eating it, too? It's how I feel. I have a need to be here -- be a part of things, I guess -- a part of something that, for the most part, is non-threatening. (None of you are aimin' to poke me with your needles, are ya?) Be a part of something that doesn't demand any more than I'm willing to give, maybe, something over which I have COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONTROL. Yeah, maybe THAT'S the ticket. I'm feeling a little bruised and battered, helpless and confused, stuck between a couple of rocks and wedged into some hard places. I decided this morning that I really need to strap on my rose-colored kaleidoscope and just deal with things the best way *I* see fit, the way that *I* can live with them and with myself. No matter what I do, it's going to be wrong in someone's eyes. What is right in mine, what feels right to me, what is the best thing for the MOST IMPORTANT people involved?

Thank you for that indulgence. I needed the happy flowers from the archives today, too.


Katie had orientation on Friday and her first official day at work TODAY!! It's all very exciting and has nothing to do with coffee.

Alison slung her last cuppa joe at S***b**ks yesterday and is on to new adventures... it has everything to do with coffee and will involve both of her sisters to a degree... and her mom and dad... and a bunch of other people. It's all very exciting!

Maddy has sent in the paperwork for college orientation! Wow.



There is too much bad news all around us and it's nearly impossible to deal with everything, even if we could. You have the right idea, at least in my opinion and I'm trying to do the same. It does sound like good things are happening in your family, too.


Things can get very overwhelming. Especially as of late. Do what you can do and how you feel is the best way - that is all that you can do.

Sounds like you and your family have some good things going. I wish you all the best of luck.


I hope the bruising heals, the battering abates, and the hard places soften up.

lynne s of oz

Yep, we have to deal with things our way. And sometimes that peeves cos you aren't doing it their way, but they are not you.
Good luck to Ali in her new mysterious project!


Be well, and do what seems right.

And find that happy place! The flowers are a great start.


From one bruised blogger to sentiments exactly!! You put my thoughts into your that a form of collaboration!?! ;-)

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