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06 February 2009

Baby's first haircut

We were so busy yesterday -- and the boys were SO GOOD!!

Katie & Ali met us at the Mom & Pop Place in Neenah -- a kid-oriented cafe with a toy store attached. While we were there, I took photos of the awesome scarf that Katie just finished. I was too tired last night to do anything but dump them on the computer and was running late, as usual, this morning. Anyway, we all had a good lunch and visit, and some good play time. ; )

Through an arrangement with my stepdad's employer, my mother sees a personal trainer a couple of times a week and yesterday was one of those days. The boys were very interested watching their Noni on the rowing machine, doing lunges (heh, that's the second time I wanted to type LUNCH instead of LUNGE), and lifting weights!

No more bad hair days! We took the boys to a kid-oriented hair salon where the both had haircuts. It was the baby's first! He needed his bangs trimmed so badly. I thought it would look weird to trim only those, but didn't want the curls shorn off completely, nor was a baby mullet desired, and the stylist did a wonderful job -- trimming up just enough and leaving some curl! I imagine they'd have put up a bit of a fuss if their mother had taken them instead of us, and the baby was pretty tuckered, but we didn't hear a peep and they didn't want to leave! They were so incredibly good all day long!

And I was so incredibly tired last night!!


He is so, so cute. You're a good aunt!

He's looking just the tiniest bit dubious there...

That sounds like SO much fun!

He is adorable. I love the look on his face. That is priceless.

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